Lita’s Top Ten Anime Females (Revamped)

lita top ten

Hello everyone,

A while ago I deleted my top ten female anime character’s list as with mentioning with some posts I wasn’t happy with this post was one of them. After much rethinking I finally had decided on my list and decided to make a video of them as well give some deeper thoughts into why I love these female characters so much. In the video (which you are welcome to watch) I really only scraped the surface about why I love them so feel free to continue reading as I discuss into more detail of my top females. 

You will find on my blog any top list I make means a great deal to me, people can question my list of choices but at the end of the day I don’t care my choice, my opinion. My list has changed a little from the previous one but I feel fully settled on my choices and when I do my top ten male characters I will make sure I am happy with it instead of having to redo anything. 

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Lita Does 3 Day Quote Challenge

3 Day Quote Challenge


1) Thank the person who nominated you

2)Post a quote for 3 days

3) Nominate 3 other bloggers

I haven’t done a challenge for a while still haven’t completed the anime challenge oo >.< I was nominated by one stop for all entertainment I was really excited to be nominated for this something different for me to do. I have never thought about quotes so of course I am going to do some anime quotes that have stuck with me for a long time 🙂

Thankyou for nomination One Stop For All Entertainment

Different Quotes means a lot to people doesn’t matter what kind of one it is all that matters is it important to you so for Day 1 this quote may seem like nothing special but the meaning behind it to me is special it’s from an anime I may have mentioned in some previous posts Munto TV: 

” My Heart Is Safely With Me ” 

yumemi quote

The meaning behind this quote is this particular scene in episode 9 of the series, Yumemi finally believes in herself and can accept herself, She won’t shut her heart away no longer to others. This scene is really adorable and that quote just has been with me ever since I heard it, so simple yet has a big impact if you’ve seen the anime but for those who haven’t seen it just go check it out 😀

I won’t put up my nominates till Day 3.

Comment below a quote you love and has stayed with you also hehe 🙂

I’ll see you in the next post!!