Making Posts Sound Something That Your Not




Just words in my blogging vocabulary I’ll ever us properly.

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All Round October Update

Spring here In Aussie Land

It’s been a while my friends since me doing a update, which was in March. It’s about time for another one, Spring is in bloom. Seems like a good time to me. 

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New Schedules, Lita Is Branching Out !!

Whats up? Been a while


I should be feeling exhausted right now but which I am but somehow have the energy to write this. Hope you guys have been all well, I’ve been enjoying my time the last couple of weeks now with my UK relatives that are here. But at the same time it’s been killing me not blogging, youtube never felt out of my routine which is why this little important update will set me back into my rhythm.

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Pinky’s Palace

litas blogger friday

Hello Folks 😀 !!!

Welcome to another fun packed Feature Friday. *I FAILED AGAIN BUT every Friday I feature a Blogger, Post or Artwork, Youtuber/Video whatever I feel I must share. I wish to share with others and the whole world, fellow anime lovers, nerds, otaku’s.

I won’t beat around the bush ready to find out the lucky Friday Feature’s???


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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Anime Reporter

litas blogger friday

Blah so tired….from everything

Friday Feature Lita…where has it been?

It’s been on the back burner it seems this month but we are HERE now !!! I know some people have been missing this segment and so have I personally. Here’s to hoping this will happen every two weeks again, never putting this on the back burner. Last Friday feature took a look into a few posts but this time will be the regular blogger, video and post of the week !!!!


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The Starting Of Being A Youtuber – Lita Edition

Being on youtube sounds scary…..

Greetings Readers/Bloggers 🙂

It’s time I felt for another doing another post similar to a post I did last year Lita’s Blogging Ways And My Tips, but this is regarding as some of you may or may not know I run a youtube channel where I express my love for anime in more depth. This post is dedicated to a good blogger friend of mine Taku who a while back wanted to see a post about how do you start a youtube channel or how to start out? So I am fulfilling this request now as I give a background into how I started my small channel and a guide, with tips on how for others wanting to start up their own channel or have a go 🙂 

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