LitaKinoLife: Update

Hello Lovelies,

Hope all you bloggers and friends are good hehe 🙂
Well so much for me being inactive turns out I have been able to balance everything up but heads up going away for a week this week.
So will be inactive then a little. I always say this and never happens Oh well better to say this just in case.

I am hoping to have two new write ups this week like maybe a anime review haha lol
I am well overdue for that….. *hides away* So a anime review and a Lita top 10 is what you can expect this week from me. I am happy I have been able to catch up on all the anime I have  missed accept fairytail ooo…. I should get onto that.

I have been doing a lot more manga reading YAY !!! Lita reading that is rare, of course it’s all romance junk. Too Much Shojo and Shoujo

Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk >.<

Lita is kinda hopeless.

New anime also this week I shall added to my collection as well, If I don’t buy anime once a month I’ll feel like I am not me to be honest.

Well that is all for now and expect some updates from me this week before I go away

LitaKino 🙂