Lita’s Discussion Time: What Does Anime Mean To You?


Yes Mr Patterson it’s what all us anime fans do when someone said’s that magic word anime or you meet new people who love the same thing you do 🙂 

Sadly there are people in this world who will never understand our love for japanese animation or the huge fandoms that come with it, and  when they want to start a war with you over the topic go tell them to drown themselves…..

Lita evil Heh Heh

For the record yes I’ve said that to people in the past who have tried to make fun of my interests, I’ve never let them bother me which what made me think about a certain question that I wanted to ask you readers and to those who follow me, as I am very curious to know:

What does anime mean to you?

This question is a very personal to any anime fan and anime means something different to everyone.

Anime to me is a life love and probably will be for the rest of my life, I am so glad I was introduced to this world as it’s the reason I met some amazing friends who loved the same thing as I am someone that has never had friends, got introduced to cosplay was able to express my love for certain characters I loved and gave me something much more entertaining to watch then boring average TV. It never mattered what anime I would watch it would put a smile on my face when I was feeling the lowest of low, and make me forget about reality.

We all know reality can suck times >.<

It is like a big slap in the face >.>

Anime is just amazing to make you escape reality, I love that feeling it lets me feel like a little kid and allow me to believe in the impossible. I’m sure any anime fan would have felt like that at some point you can’t hide it from Lita. Anime was my safe haven where I knew I could be my real self, in certain anime’s I learnt certain life lessons that you can’t be taught and mainly makes me happy when I think about it.

It gave me excitement in my life and I believe that is just what anime does to everyone. 🙂

Yay okay Lita… enough of your real mushy talk…

So guys Tell Lita what does anime mean to you?
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