Geeky Challenge Day 25: Geeky People


There is only so much Youtube I watch these days but I’d still like to list some people I follow these days.

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Geeky Challenge Day 17: Got Stuck Here, Haha


Urm . . I actually don’t have an ready answer for this one, since video games is not my total jam.


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Geeky Challenge Day 12: I Do Like Video Games

I’m not a huge video gamer but didn’t mean to say Lita doesn’t like them, it’s not all about the anime. 

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It’s A Nerdy Friday Feature

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 6.06.10 pm

Welcome to the return of the Friday feature. First one for 2019 and I have a nerdy lady all the way from New Jersey for you to get to know !!

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It’s A Roaring Carla Friday Feature


Hi how have you been? Friday Features will appear when they do now, you know time and all. This feature I’d like to introduce you to a pop culture all-round lover.

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It’s a BOOMING August + Partly September Post – A – Rama !!

Overdue is overdue right? 
But this Post – a – rama is more booming than last month’s at least


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It’s A Blooming Friday Feature

Friday feature’s have finally made their long awaited return and have a female romance loving blogger to introduce you too. 

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