Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Jamie Talks Anime + Post Of The Week

litas blogger friday
Hey Guys ^-^ 

Lita has been feeling pretty good this week keeping up with anime and doing blogging posts since I have way more free time so I have some things in the works currently which is exciting as this blog just grows and grows.
Haha anyway time for this week’s spotlight Who got lucky this week?

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Unotaku

litas blogger friday

Oh yeh!!!!!!!
Lita is right on time for once this week. 

This week has been lacking in posts from me as usually I don’t get a chance to reply to anything till evening and life stuff. Anyway no more about stuff you guys don’t need to worry about on to our blogger feature for this week 🙂 

This week’s spotlight and feature goes to: 



This is a really fun anime blog to follow it has all sorts of different features. One feature I love that this blog does is doing blogger interviews and collabs with other bloggers I think that is so important, this was one of the first things that attracted me to this blog in the first place.
They update weekly and are always posting different and interesting posts,  I like the discussions they bring up in their blog and they have inspired me to start up my own discussion of things on my own blog. I I love their web layout, it’s very simple, bright and said’s what their blog is all about. 

They are a blog that I felt was hidden away somewhere and I felt this week it would go to this awesome anime blog so fellow readers, bloggers please go follow them !! 

Tell them Lita sent you 😀 


Thankyou for reading and I’ll see you all next friday with a new blogger or review