The Moment You Learn What A Friend Is – Owls March Blog Tour

Going in Deep here, be prepared.

Prepare as this month’s topic is a raw, deep one. Which upon I requested as this subject is a sensitive yet beautiful one. Things about to get raw and honest folks. 

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Listening To Your Own Judgement – Anime Hype

The following image perfectly to me shows the situation of getting hyped for a show. By popularity and other opinions but then your left disappointed. Hype is a hit or miss indeed. Or is it? Does it really matter to an extend?

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Watching Tastes: Mix The Old And New

still need to watch this at some point

Look at that crazy mix of colours of the girls from Tokyo Mew Mew, ranged mixture. Mixing it up in life and in watching anime is important, which is how I’ve lead writing this discussion. I was inspired from blogger Mage In A Barrel whom you may recognise as the writer for Ani words for crunchy roll. Recently they wrote their last piece for a while on Expanding their anime horizons and mixing it up. Make sure to go check out their post but this sparked to spread the message he was trying to convey to his fellow readers.

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!! #11

litas blogger friday


Image result for christmas anime

Hey Folks!!! 

It’s post – a -rama!! time again where every second Friday, I share posts I have read for the past two weeks. Hopefully they interest you enough to go have a read and find a new blogger to follow.

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Anime Lost It’s Spark, Dying – Me Thinks Not


Image result for hyper anime face gif
She says.. No Way! Hozah!

How many blog posts or videos on youtube of the topic “Has Anime Lost It’s Spark or dying” have you seen? I’ve read and watched a whole bunch, wanting to know people’s different opinions.
Most recently the idea of finally coming to write this post was sparked from a Podcast  OtakuATeam. Answering the question from a fan listening to each of the hosts opinions somehow made me think about what I thought on the whole matter.  

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Lethargic Ramblings

litas blogger friday

Image result for excited anime gif


Hello Folks !! 😀 

Welcome to another fun packed Feature Friday. Where every Friday I feature a Blogger, Post or Artwork, Youtuber/Video or every second Friday is Post-A-Rama Feature where I share in the community of articles I have read. I wish to share the happenings of the anime community with, fellow anime lovers, nerds, otaku’s.
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Picking Anime Favorites – Not Easy

The dreaded one question every anime fan is asked which is next impossible to give one answer to: What is your favorite anime?

Image result for unsure anime face
This is you not being able to give one answer.

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Thoughts On Anime Streaming Now a Days


When you're on computer at midnight and hear someone coming xD:
This has been you.


It’s awkward… middle of the night watching anime online and you feel like someone is there, watching you. Streaming anime online I want to say has evolved in the last few years with having Simulcast available now. For those who don’t know what that is, Simulcast means current airing anime in Japan will be streamed 1 hour after it’s aired in various other countries. Sometimes it can happen straight away but it’s made the newest airing anime more accessible than ever, which I think is great for people who like watching seasonal anime.

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Lita’s Beginners Anime Recommendations


The face of a non anime watcher seeing attack on titan for the first time. 
Introducing anime to non anime fans for the first time is one of the most periling things I find in this hobby. You can search up in google all these millions of lists “Beginners guide to anime” “Non anime fans beginner lists”, all these lists based on other people’s opinions,  of what anime’s would be the best picks to introduce to non anime fans. The majority of lists I read have only have all the of the most popular anime out there, Cowboy bepop, Full metal alchemist. I agree with suggesting some of those popular titles as they are a lot of anime fans gateway into anime themselves but lists like this is not giving non anime people, the full scope of what anime has to offer.
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The Is Not Is Too “Best Anime Ever” Debate

Tv shows, movies and anime, doesn’t matter for either on the internet or among people. The “Best Of The Best” is one of the most highly talked about discussion ever, in my opinion.

ahh this looks civilized

In the anime community BIG TIME “best anime ever” is highly discussed among anime fans.

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Lita’s Free Spirit Award Nominations

Hello one and all 🙂

This is just a quick post about my nominations for the Free Spirit Award which was created by the amazing pair Unotaku and Marvelous Mismatched. I was nominated by Something About LynLyn and you can read my post here so here are the rules below of this interesting award:

  • Post about the topic that the previous nominee selected.
  • You can create the post whatever way you want.
  • And put the logo!

    To make this easy and simple for a topic to pick I will do what SomethingaboutLynLyn did pick two phrases from two songs I really love and the nominees have to do a post of anything of their choice to do with that phrase.

    Nickelback is one of my favorite artists of all time, they do some beautiful lyrics and this song speaks a lot of truth about life the phrase from this song is actually what the song is called “What Are You Waiting For?”

    Treasure planet is one of my favorite disney movies of all time I love a certain phrase from this song “It’s Good To See The Sun And Feels This Place” 

    Those are my two phrases you have to do a post about anything and everything to do what that phrase and my nominee’s for this award I have picked due to many other bloggers already I know being nominated and these guys deserve to shine with the expection of Lyn as she nominates me every time haha:

    Rocco B
    – Muahh SomethingAboytLynLyn
    Yuri Nation 

    So nominees you can complete this whenever you want no race lol

    Have fun with this 😀

    I’ll see you in the next post!!! 😀 

Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Episode Reviews


Hello everyone 🙂 

Welcome to another discussion time, I really need to do more of these as I find it really fun discussing certain topics with everyone 🙂 This idea of a discussion plagued in my brain after watching the video above by a youtuber I follow known as The Anime Man, He talks about in this of why he doesn’t do episode reviews and got me thinking of what others may think about this idea?

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