What Tunes Drive This Bloggers Gym Smash Sessions


Writing at a computer you cannot dub as exercise for your hands and wrists, lies. The blogger lifestyle is a creative path but leads to a lazy attitude to get your blogger butt moving off their chair you sit in for hours.


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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #21

litas blogger friday


We bring you this update to let you know Friday Feature is here !!! 

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Happy Valentines !!: Lita’s Top 10 Anime Couples

top anime couples

It’s mushy gushy day !!!! 

Happy Valentines to all even if you hate the hell out of this day, or it’s just another day to you. But here on my blog finally bring all my readers a long anticipated list that has been asked for, I bring you my favorite top 10 anime couples. This list is in order as the decision has been real and hard to put together but finally happy with it all, all the couples I’ve chosen for different reasons over the course of their relationship and how they grew as characters. These are the two main reasoning’s for my choices so without further or so here are my lucky top 10 anime couple choices:

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Spooky October: Lita’s Top Ten Anime Halloween Recommendations

hall 2Why…

Hello there my pretties,
Finally this weekend is Halloween not that I’ll be doing much for it mostly likely rewatching shiki or ghost hunt and some Buffy the Vampire slayer because It’s something I need in my life. My spooky October is going to come to an end after this post as I have not done half the things I wanted to do this month, things got in the way and blogging in the week is really hard currently. I managed to give at least two anime reviews I suppose but things will return to normal after this post as there is many more things I wish to blog about more.

In this final spooky post I bring you some anime’s that you should watch during the Halloween weekend, this list of anime I have seen all of them and are not ranked in any particular order. There are some shows which I have not seen like Higurashi as that is a very popular one, shows like that have not made it into my list purely because I have not seen them. Anyway I hope you enjoy my list of recommendations, I have catered it also to different genres so there is much variety but some people will already know. Continue reading “Spooky October: Lita’s Top Ten Anime Halloween Recommendations”

LitaKinoLife: Update

Hello Lovelies,

Hope all you bloggers and friends are good hehe 🙂
Well so much for me being inactive turns out I have been able to balance everything up but heads up going away for a week this week.
So will be inactive then a little. I always say this and never happens Oh well better to say this just in case.

I am hoping to have two new write ups this week like maybe a anime review haha lol
I am well overdue for that….. *hides away* So a anime review and a Lita top 10 is what you can expect this week from me. I am happy I have been able to catch up on all the anime I have  missed accept fairytail ooo…. I should get onto that.

I have been doing a lot more manga reading YAY !!! Lita reading that is rare, of course it’s all romance junk. Too Much Shojo and Shoujo

Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk >.<

Lita is kinda hopeless.

New anime also this week I shall added to my collection as well, If I don’t buy anime once a month I’ll feel like I am not me to be honest.

Well that is all for now and expect some updates from me this week before I go away

LitaKino 🙂 

Lita Kino’s Top 10 Close To My Heart Anime


Woho *does dance*
I thought it was time to do a top something since the page I created for it is bare.
This list below is just of my favourite anime I love but these ones hold a special place in my heart ♥
They are in no particular order either I ♥ these all the same !!
Most likely at somepoint they all will be reviewed by me 🙂

1. Angelic Layer

The Basis of this anime revolves around a girl Miskai who gets into a sport known as angelic layer where they use dolls to battle each other using the power of the brain waves to control the dolls.
This was the first official anime I ever watched back when I had just started getting into anime. It really is just a loveable series. It is great for all ages and just love the whole concept of the story about a girl who continues to her best no matter what. It’s a beautiful anime about growing up and being yourself.

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