Splash Some Ani Colour

let it be a colourful Friday!!

I saw a rainbow yesterday in finally what feels like Autumn over here then that reminded me. . . that tag I almost forgot about.  

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Hello…..Flaming Hotties Tag

Thought it was about time to respond to a billion tags, I’ve not got around to but Mel In Anime Land kindly tagged me. To talk about hotties in anime… well of course.

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Lita’s Limited Edition Box Set Tag

limited edition boxset
Are you a collector?

Is there a box set of an anime series you love, if it existed with all the stuff you’d want it? You would buy it right?

Time to start a new trend ^-^

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Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 21: Favourite Goofy Anime Character


Day 20 Favourite Goofy Anime Character

When I think of the word goofy I think of Miss Sora Nageino from Kaleido Star ❤

She is the meaning of the word goofy but I love Sora a lot. She is a character that I relate to myself very much. She has such a carefree spirit and personality which bring smiles to people no matter how goofy she is being 🙂 During the anime she was always herself and I loved watching her journey to become a kaledio star 😀

I will at some point review this anime but for anyone that has never checked it out you should XD
if your looking for a happy, joyful anime to watch then this one is a good pick ❤
It gives me warm feels thinking about it hehe ❤


Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

Man this was hard !!

Dam this anime challenge hits you with some hard things to decide on because you never think about them lol
There are so many amazing scenes that we never forget in anime. It’s all down to personal feelings and what scenes really grabbed you from that moment.
For this one I chose a scene for many of course will know but it has lived with me always.  I won’t forget the moment I saw this happen when I thought all was lost for Goku and Gohan against Frezia. It’s one of those classic anime moments people will know instantly is when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

I was completely memorized and how the whole scene was constructed I thought was amazing 😀
I think it’s a epic scene for the ages and for which will be remembered always.
The look on Freiza face was priceless and I remember I couldn’t stop laughing lol

Epic scene and I laugh….haha

So to me this scene is very special as I grew up with this show every morning before school lol

Comment below if you like or enjoyed this scene too


Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15: Favorite Animal SideKick Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime

Day 15: Favorite Animal SideKick, Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime

I think digimon should be classed as a anime but regardless for this I choose Angewomon ❤ 

All round she is just utterly amazing my god ❤ 
She actually had been a dream cosplay of mine for so long and maybe one day I will get to do her but first I need to shed some more kilo’s I am almost there haha.
Yeh this is pretty short because this character is well loved and she is still classed as a animal sidekick and summoning as she evolves from Gatomon. 
I don’t care if people won’t put her in this category she is who I have chosen ❤

Comment below for those who love this amazing character as much as I do hehe ❤


Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

I sure do love my mecha anime series, I never use to but it was until I watched this series that I then began to love this genre of anime ❤

Gundam Seed Destiny 

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Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10: Favorite Fighter Anime

jubei12t jubei13t
Day 10: Favorite Fighter Anime

See I thought I was going to say fairytail as I love love all the fighting in that but there is one for me that still stands out

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LitaKino Liebster Award Nomination By josefcd904

Soooo I got nominated……

I had no idea what this all meant till I read about it but means this award is for bloggers who don’t have many views on their blog and should be known more. I think this is a really cool idea and wanted thankyou josefcd904 (The Reviewer’s Corner) for nominating me I feel quite honored and I’m in all aweeee ❤

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