Anime Lost It’s Spark, Dying – Me Thinks Not


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She says.. No Way! Hozah!

How many blog posts or videos on youtube of the topic “Has Anime Lost It’s Spark or dying” have you seen? I’ve read and watched a whole bunch, wanting to know people’s different opinions.
Most recently the idea of finally coming to write this post was sparked from a Podcast  OtakuATeam. Answering the question from a fan listening to each of the hosts opinions somehow made me think about what I thought on the whole matter.  

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Windborne’s Story Eatery

litas blogger friday
Hello my pretties, 🙂

It’s that time of week again….*drum rolls* 

Where I bring you someone new for you all to go stalk lol

This week’s Feature and Spotlight goes to:

Windborne’s Story Eatery 


This blogger has caught my eye a lot since I started following them, I have become a regular reader of there diversity in posts. I love it every day is a different theme like manga Monday or shoujo Saturday, it really makes there blog very interesting and I really love that. My hats off to them for being able to keep with posting everyday as some bloggers can’t do a post every day so well done for that !!!

I adore the layout of there blog as well it really suits the theme of what there blog stands for.
Some of there posts may appear short but definitely worth the read guys !!

So I recommend checking them out if you want to read some post variety
Then this blog is for you 🙂 

Tell them Lita sent you ❤

Note: I have noticed you guys really are enjoying this segment on my blog which I am so happy about and will continue to do so. Also this week you can expect some first impressions from the summer 2015 to start rolling in so look forward to that ^^ 

I’ll see you next friday with a new blogger or review for you guys


Lita Blogger Feature Friday: Sekinetsu and Lita hits 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

litas blogger friday

You’d be this happy if you saw that you reached more than 100 followers on your blog…..>////<
Yusssss !!! *Lita has stars in her eyes* 

I was so surprised the other day to see I had hit more than a 100 followers wow it makes me so determined for me to make my blog be the best it can be !!!

I never imagined when I started this blog I would hit that kind of number……
The words thankyou cannot express how I feel right now I am just grateful and will do my best for all of you 100 followers !!

I just wanted to say thankyou 🐱

Alright time to get this feature rolling this week I know I said I was going to do something different this week but I just couldn’t resit introducing a new anime blogger to you guys 🙂

This week’s feature and spotlight goes to: 


senSenkinetsu is a anime blogger that has only just returned from being inactive, They are still a fairly new blog (like me) to the aniblogging community. I was very happy to see there return as I had started following them from when they first joined wordpress. From what I have seen so far I believe they are full of great potential to be a amazing blog and earlier posts they have done I have really enjoyed reading.

I love the layout of their blog very simple and the main banner gives their blog a great logo to it. Senkinetsu has just announced a new posting schedule Anime Tuesdays and Manga Fridays If you want to find out about that then go check out their blog for more info.

I really want them to have all the support in the world for their blog, I have talked on the odd occasion to Senkinetsu and they are indeed very nice to have a good old anime chat with hehe

So please go support this blog guys and head on over and check them out!
Tell them Lita sent you

Comment below if there is anyone you think I should be checking out followers 🙂 

Next week I will be doing something different wehee new things so look forward to that
Till next blog feature 🙂