//What’s On Manga Docket//


Say hello to the new segment I guess? Manga is last thing on my suffering list for the blog so this comprise will fix that. 

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5 New Manga Favourites In 2019


2019 was the year I returned to manga domain and don’t think I’m getting out ever. Here’s “five of” new manga favourites but you must remember I’ve been out of the game for 6 years. Ya girl was overloaded with CHOICE. haha.


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Geeky Challenge Day 20: Recommendations Oh Boy. . .



What Series Would You Recommend To Anyone?



October I initially hadn’t planned to do this challenge, but some spooky related stuff but looks like that will come out in November now. Although for this prompt chose a favourite spooky series every year I give a rewatch. Recommending series can be a pain the butt sometimes with people, as best you try to suggest series to there tastes. It doesn’t always workout. But this spooky title I fully believe non spooky lovers or are can enjoy, that’s Ghost Hunt.




I’ve spoken before, Lita is not a whole horror/gore/scary lover, I’m a chicken with normal horror but anime is the exception to this. For some strange reason? It bridges comprise. There are more selective choices compared to normal horror, I’ve loved series gory Elfen Lied to cutesy Chibi Vampire. So if you yourself are not a scary lover and can only take small doses of blood, creepy etc, I think Ghost Hunt might be right for you. Last October I got my advocate horse for the series after a video by anime youtuber Glass Reflection gave a negative review. His unmotivated attitude in the video reviewing the series made me saddle up trying my best to break down his dislikes points about the series. You can go read that if you wish. 

Ghost Hunt focuses on student Mai after a accident breaking equipment comes to work at Shibuya Psychic Research under Kazuya (Naru) specialising in the paranormal and ghost hunting. The series is episodical 2 to 3 episodes covering one case and gradually the cases grow more creepier and intense, the main star point there is a good breakdown and keep engagement high. One critique about the series, “pacing is slow”, while I agree but the series under suspense factor and creating a gruelling atmosphere to fit each case. The OST is the pillar to the suspense levels, very eery feel that gradually picks ups in each new case. Blood stained labyrinth and doll house are my favourites, you can watch the cases seperate but watching as a whole helps to get to know the characters. Another good point for the series is while slow goes into detail the surrounding in ghost hunting and folklore.

Main characters Mai and Naru have been a common dislike for the series to people but I enjoy them. Mai is whiny in the beginning but grows some backbone with each new ghostly encounter. Naru known as “Naru the Narcissists” your run-of-the-mill cocky, arrogant protagonist but his way of proving a point is amusing. He’s a proud narcissist but not without a heart. 

I said in my prior post about Ghost Hunt it might not be for everyone but I retract the statement. I believe it caters to all especially for least spooky lovers like me very well, has it’s jump scare and freak out moments but series thrives on suspense. I’m cool with the scares, nothing went over the limit for me. In fact this is one of few series I’ll rewatch on my own, despite how times I’ve watched, same goosebumps happen. I’m so so sad this was not made LONGER!!.



Let me know if you decide to check this out and if my recommendation was a lie for you not by my spill here. It’s a hard thing to judge people like me have their limits with normal spooky but anime is the exception. I did my best here, this is tame compared to other series in the dark corner.

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Geeky Challenge Day 11: Smut G’alore


We’ve talked past two days favourite anime, movie now it’s BOOKS!!

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Give It To Me Ufotable Your Tragic Brother And Sister Plot

Have a picture of pretty birds I took the other day. See Autumn lol


While it’s Spring for parts in the Southern Hemisphere, I’d like to remind you on the other side where it’s coming into jumpers and jeans season. Honestly not really. Autumn is whacked here in aussie land.


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Watch Out. . . It’s Another Clannad Actually Might Be Worse – Fruits Basket Manga



All the convenient time to be writing this as a week ago I finished reading the Fruits Basket Manga all in preparation for the new anime reboot that landed just this week. I wanted give you a scope into for those that are new to this classic anime from 2000’s.

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It Was In Me And Not You: Owls “Admire” February Blog Tour


After 3 months finally getting back on the Owls Blog Tour band wagon, it’s been a minute. February is the month of mushy and FINALLY were covering the topic of love, two years late.


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Refreshment Of Sirius The Jaeger


P.A Works had a good track record last year with Iroduku World In Colors and attempting an genre out of their stead yet again, just like with Kuromukuro. They just had to pick a sub genre that I’ll watch good or bad.


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The Slow Tamayori Beat | Hiiro No Kakera


We’re going back to 2012 for this old anime coverage. Over Christmas I managed only one rewatch and don’t ask me, I was feeling some otome goodness.

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Strike The Food Banks| Strike The Blood

Time to give the Vampire genre some love for spooky month. Finally a chance to talk about a series I watched last year. Wasn’t expecting girls offering them selfs as personal blood banks. 

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I’m A Complete Chicken With Horror Films But Anime Gives Me The Best Compromise


There is a lot of things I’ll never understand about myself. One of those is when it comes to normal horror, I’ll avoid to watch any. But when it comes to a gory death game, or vampire series, I’m all for it. How does this work?


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Importance In A Name | Noragami

Related image

Know when it takes you ages to get around watching a popular series? After finally watching it, your kicking yourself. WHY didn’t you see it sooner?. I’m kicking myself a little for not seeing this godly anime any sooner. *Reposting again due to wordpress not saving properly and having half my post missing*

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