The Mugen Train Won’t Let Me Get Off Days Later. .

HALT !! this mugen train hasn’t got off at my stop yet. . . keeps looping over and over to leave me distraught

(Spoiler Free don’t worry you’ll be safe, with only a spoiler hypothesis by my friend)


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A Solo Announcement!

Lita Laboratory Has Been Hard At Work !

The Lita Laboratory has been bubbling away in secret on a new solo endeavour! 

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2021 Anime Looking Mighty Fine

It looks sparkly hehe

My seasonal weekly game maybe down to nothing these days still doesn’t stop me from adding the latest sparkles to my list. 

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It’s Anime ABC Challenge – Railgunfan75’s

When someone saids anime to me. You must tell me all !!

  Finally a challenge that I can compile some of my favourite anime all in one post. No-one tagged me but I wanted to do this for a while now!~ 

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