Dragonballz Battle Of Gods Movie Review


Movie: Dragonball z Battle Of Gods
Released: 30th March 2013
Genre: Action, Fantasy

Who doesn’t love some non stop action of the ever so popular dragonball z, still to this day the dragonball series is a worldwide phenomenon and probably will be in the future. I finally picked up the most recent of all the dragonball movies that had come out, now the english dub for this movie didn’t come out where I am until last year in august so for me this is new. I was very excited about this movie and I couldn’t wait to watch it as Lita reviews the entertaining, blitz battling Dragoballz: Battle Of Gods.

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Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 26: Best Anime Fight

Day 26: Best Anime Fight 

Oh dam it I still haven’t completed this anime challenge Lita you are so bad lol
I’m nearly there though ahahaha:

Best anime fight scene???? 
Dam this was a extremely hard one and I had to go with one that is close to my heart, now it may be oh my god dragonballz really. You cannot deny the awesomeness that is dragonball z people and even though some fights may have always been dragged out the very first battle between Goku and Freiza is a most memorable one for me. 🙂

It’s one of many favorite fight anime scenes for me, it’s where Goku first transformed into a super sayian, and really shone through. I remember crying when I thought Freiza was about to win and screaming at the TV “FREIZA YOU ASS”. But then I remember mother yelling at me to shush hehe, that battle for me just gave me such a thrill and I still enjoy it so much till this day ❤

There are so many great dragonballz fight scenes this is one of many and by the way I was nearly about to say Gurren Lagaan episode 26 fight scene for this one (BECAUSE IT IS PRETTY EPIC!!) but the dragon pushed through 😉

Comment below your favourite fight anime scene or if you love this one like I do
Lita would love to know ❤