LitaKinoLife: New anime, life antics and stuff

Lita kino life

I’ve just been a bum like Serena since the last time I did a life post so….

Nothing new to report Later! *Zooms off* 

Just kidding of course hehe

Yo my readers !!
I hope your all doing good this week and if your not COME continue reading this for some amusement pleasure!!

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Anime Blogger Giveaway Winner !!

Soo… I did not forget to announce the winner of my giveaway lol

*hides in a corner*

I had some people wondering about it and I just haven’t had a chance to get around to doing it, Literally only came back from my holiday today but I did a video to announce this because it’s funnier 😀

Congrats to the winner !!! ❤
and thankyou to everyone who entered my giveaway I was so happy to see all your answers to my question 🙂

I may do future giveaway’s so stay tuned
As always feel free to follow me on my youtube for more anime talk 🙂