One Week Friends Thoughts/Review

“Can we please be friends again?”

Anime: Isshukan Furenzu
Published: 2014
Genre: Romance, Drama
Producer: Brain’s Base
Episodes: 12

One week friends story surrounds Kaori Fujimiya who avoids making friends with anyone. When a boy Hase tries to talk to her, Kaori gives him the cold shoulder like everyone else. After much persistent from Hase, Kaori lets him have lunch with her on the rooftop where she spends most of her time. Eventually she tells him of why she doesn’t get close to anyone due to her memory is reset every monday, she forgets her memories with anyone who is close to her.

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Manga Collaboration With Somethingaboutlynlyn: Nineteen, Twenty One

Hehe Hello everyone!!!!!! 

All is revealed now muahhh !!! 

Welcome to my first collaboration ever and I’ve been keeping this hush for a while now but due to my lateness finally I could get around to finishing this. I have paired up with the manga guru Somethingaboutlynlyn to do a manga collaboration together, we both had to suggest a manga to each other to read and then do a post about our thoughts on it. I was so excited to do a coll-ab with Lyn she has always been so nice to me since I started talking to her and I’ve been reading way more manga because of her so go check out her Somethingaboutlynlyn, She’s a darling ❤

So Somethingaboutlynlyn chose the Korean webtoon manga Nineteen Twenty-One for me to check out.

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