I Had A Slice Of Isekai

Mmm! Indeed it was

Let’s rack my brain for the last Isekai that I watched was probably Shield Hero S2 this year. No wait sorry that was Ascendance of A Bookworm.

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Discovered Romance For Love Month


Love month is here and either people hate or embrace this tradition but we’re not here to discuss evil of valentines retail consumerism.

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Falling For The Fall

My best look at 8pm ready for a anime binge

I have zero time any of this week accept today to write my seasonal thoughts because we stupidly thought, let’s wait till first three episodes are out. 

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Another Shojo That Made It To My Top 5

Feels like forever ago when I last completed a manga and what do I complete? Another shoujo just like Lovesick Ellie that made it into my top 5 so fast but I’m late writing about this one! 

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Winter Anime 2022 That Froze Over For Me

These ones didn’t make it for me

I started with 6 to 8 shows for this seasonal I think. . . but while it’s great to gloat about the watches you stick with. Equally as important to discuss the ones that didn’t. 

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Understanding Is Either Embraced Or Rejected

It is Mecha March but there are other things I’d like to write about in between. Like this movie that took the meaning of understanding in relation to Disability giving a hard glance on the reality of it all. 

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3 Middleground Romance That Know Their Not Perfect

Romance, shoujo all hurts sometimes

Romance anime in all the ones I’ve watched over the years has a mix of feel killers, frustrators and  the ones that remain on the line. I’ve noticed no-one likes to speak on the middle ground when it comes to average shows. 

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A Shojo That Reached My Top 5 Fast


Mushy month and have no idea how much related content of shojo I’ll cramp in but I’ve got a few ideas, doesn’t matter as they’ll eventually go up but I have to take the opportunity to dote upon a shojo absolutely adore. 

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After Rain Comes Sunshine

Finally making a start on writing those posts in my blog notebook that never made it to the computer screen and shine some rays on a series that I was sure about at first. 

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My Joyous Anime Choices For Chrissy December~!

Not the usual pizazz title from me but my blog brain had a long break, so gotta give me a break for it to get back into gear. 

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