“This Looks Average” Has This Been You?

“This reserve harem sounds like the rest I’ve watched”

Anime can be a continuous cycle at times of seeing the genre types being repeated, Harems of the male character swooned around by bust-ful beauties, Sports underdog team or individual reaching for there dream goal of regionals or nationals. I’ll admit of being tired of seeing the same thing over and over at times of watching anime over the years, but this isn’t a bad thing at the same time.

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Kuro Sama Reviews

litas blogger friday

currently thundering down…

Greetings All 😀 

Currently thundering down with rain which I am enjoying greatly, the rain makes me happy as shows how strange I am lol. Some of you may have noticed there was no Friday feature last week that was due to my internet going slow but here we are now with another Friday. Thank god my three day weekend can start and just relax with some Kenshin and hot chocolate tonight, anyway my children let’s get on with the features for this week 🙂

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Lita’s Feature Blogger Friday: Pantless Anime Blogger

litas blogger friday


Hello Otakus/Readers

Welcome back to FEATURE BLOGGER FRIDAYS !! for any new comers that are new my blog every Friday I’ll either feature a blogger or post but that is changing a little with adding some more things to feature on these Fridays. Next week I’ll have it all sorted out but for this week I’ll be featuring a blogger only as I get into the swing of things for my blog 🙂

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Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Episode Reviews


Hello everyone 🙂 

Welcome to another discussion time, I really need to do more of these as I find it really fun discussing certain topics with everyone 🙂 This idea of a discussion plagued in my brain after watching the video above by a youtuber I follow known as The Anime Man, He talks about in this of why he doesn’t do episode reviews and got me thinking of what others may think about this idea?

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