Manga Collaboration With Somethingaboutlynlyn: Nineteen, Twenty One

Hehe Hello everyone!!!!!! 

All is revealed now muahhh !!! 

Welcome to my first collaboration ever and I’ve been keeping this hush for a while now but due to my lateness finally I could get around to finishing this. I have paired up with the manga guru Somethingaboutlynlyn to do a manga collaboration together, we both had to suggest a manga to each other to read and then do a post about our thoughts on it. I was so excited to do a coll-ab with Lyn she has always been so nice to me since I started talking to her and I’ve been reading way more manga because of her so go check out her Somethingaboutlynlyn, She’s a darling ❤

So Somethingaboutlynlyn chose the Korean webtoon manga Nineteen Twenty-One for me to check out.

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Chibi Majo

litas blogger friday

IMG_2905-0*Lita goes back to sleep*

Whoops Hello there world….*back to sleep*
Anyone want to join me?

Hi Readers 🙂
Lita here and I’ve been pretty dead this week from my new job and no time to look at anything on the interwebs so hence why my posts have been so slow this week. I’ve got a few days off now so I can crack down on some writing and making videos for my youtube it’s exciting 🙂

Yes Lita is late with the blogger or review of the week but the person who has the spotlight this week is:

Chibi Majo


chibi 2

I love Chibi Majo blog I always get excited everytime they post something new, I always always enjoy reading what they have to say. Their reviews are very detailed and right to the point hence they really do write some great reviews. The blogger is very direct and not afraid to express herself through her blog, that is what attracted me in the beginning.

The layout of the blog is very simple and you may think it’s boring but I think it suits with what content is on this anime blog.  I recommend reading any of their top anime related posts they are quite amusing and have made me laugh on the odd occassion. The blogger does their best to keep the blog updated but for me is always worth the wait in honesty 🙂

So go check out this awesome anime blog and add it to your follower list !!
Tell them Lita sent you ❤

Thankyou for reading this and I’ll see you next week with a new blogger or review !! ❤