This Blog Needs The Lights Changed – Tag Time


The blog needed the lights changing as most of the year been put on the back burner, youtube channel took over all that time. Time to open the windows to the Laboratory as dust is starting to pile up and my sniffly nose can’t take it, with the Sunshine Tag~ !!!


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Lita Liebster Cool Club Over Here ~


Thought it was about time in me answering some of these over 20 nominations that have built up. That just don’t feel I deserve but apparently people think otherwise.

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Three Bloggers Flow As One Collaboration

esca 1

One goal of this year was to do more blogger collaborations, mentioning in a post not remember which one. The odds of timing when two bloggers I know began watching a series that is my favourite anime…. like ever.

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Sunshine Blogger Award AGAIN !!~


Cauthan from Cauthan Reviews not long ago nominated me for the sunshine blogger award. If I can remember this award means a blog who brings sunshine, new life into the community…. jokes I can’t remember. Let’s assume it is, that’s what I think anyway thankyou for the nomination my friend and can’t wait to have some fun with this whole post.

Check out Cauthan’s sunshine post 

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Morning Toast Liebster Award Nomination


no post for a week haha that is unlike me I had a very crazy week, content for spooky October is as I feared slow in progress but should have another review up this week though I’m pushing to have it finished for tomorrow. Don’t worry I want to push, I need to no matter how hectic life is currently I’ll squeeze it all in like squeezing fresh juice. But what great timing for a old blogger to reappear Morning Toast after a long hiatus I was touched by how much they love my blog so I decided to respond to their nomination 😀

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4 Real Neat Blog Nominations/Awards!!!!


So I was like wow when I realized I got nominated for this new award 4 times,  I have been seeing going around lately so firstly a great big THANKYOU  to Unnecessary Exclamation Mark , Mirror PurpleChibi Majo and Somethingaboutlynlyn YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF SWEETIES for nominating me I am very touched and makes me feel all fuzzy inside. So I will be answering all of your questions in this one blog because it’s just easier. 🙂

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Sunshine Award Nominated By The Gigantic Project

Time to spread sunshine 😀

So Lita was nominated again you guys really like nominating me for this award which of course I am always happy reply to but I have a bucketload to do still…. >.>. Which I will get around to doing 🙂

Thankyou very much Gigantic Project for nominating me 😀 Go check out his blog everyone !! 

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2 Nominations Wow!! – Sunshine Award


*Grooves around*

I certainly got my groove on today as I was not having the best day and this really cheered me up to know I had been nominated by two amazing anime bloggers I follow Takuto’s Anime Cafe and thelimitlessimagination for the sunshine award so I will happily answer both your questions guys ❤


People are awarded this who bring creativity and inspiring blogs to the table so I am doing to have fun with this people Let’s get started!!! 

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Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

Day 25: Saddest Anime Death


Well we all know it sucks when great characters die and I partially think this with these two from Chrono Crusade Rosetta and Chrono

This for me was probably one of the worst endings to watch from any anime I’ve seen, Rosetta made a contract with Chrono as he is a devil everytime he uses his power it drains away Rosetta’s life span, leading to her death eventually. I’ll warn you the last scene really does pull at your heart strings people, It’s too hard for me still to watch that scene of Rosetta crying and. ughhhh it’s too sad. 😦

If you dare to watch this scene then go right ahead, apart from this sucky scene the anime is so good and I hope to review someday ^^

Comment below if you like this anime or remember this scene
Did it make you cry?


Liebster Award Nomination By: Morning Toast


Nya I got nominated again >////< Thankyou Morning Toast
I have had so many amazing bloggers nominate me for this that I just have not had time to sit down and do this, But now I finally do and would love to respond to all the people who have nominated me so I will do one at a time 🙂
I’ll  feel bad if I don’t do it 😦 

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