Lita Does 3 Day Quote Challenge – Last Day

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3 


1) Thank the person who nominated you

2)Post a quote for 3 days

3) Nominate 3 other bloggers

We come to the last day of this mini challenge and mostly I said I wanted to keep the quotes anime related  but there is one quote I can’t ignore that always has stuck with me since I was nine lol It’s come from a well known Disney movie infact… from a bunny:

This is a quote most will know from the Disney movie Bambi, It’s a classic but so true is what Mr Thumper has to say. “If you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all” ,It’s always been important to me this quote and is actually great to teach children if their willing to listen aha.

So those are my 3 quotes for this challenge and now is time for me to nominate some peeps I nominate:

The Huge Anime Fan

Ka-chan Anime Reviews

Doop Anime

I enjoyed doing this different challenge made a change for me so I will thankyou one stop for all entertainment for nominating me 😀

I’ll see you in the next post!! 

2 Nominations Wow!! – Sunshine Award


*Grooves around*

I certainly got my groove on today as I was not having the best day and this really cheered me up to know I had been nominated by two amazing anime bloggers I follow Takuto’s Anime Cafe and thelimitlessimagination for the sunshine award so I will happily answer both your questions guys ❤


People are awarded this who bring creativity and inspiring blogs to the table so I am doing to have fun with this people Let’s get started!!! 

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LitaKino Liebster Award Nomination By josefcd904

Soooo I got nominated……

I had no idea what this all meant till I read about it but means this award is for bloggers who don’t have many views on their blog and should be known more. I think this is a really cool idea and wanted thankyou josefcd904 (The Reviewer’s Corner) for nominating me I feel quite honored and I’m in all aweeee ❤

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