Fall Anime 2022 But Spring In My Mind…

Otherside of the world you must be confused wahaha!

Why Hello There! 

How are we doing over there? Hope it’s good because your day will be brighter to know that I am back from my R+ R break I took in September. haha jokes unless you religiously follow my blog. Boy it was great break I must say but what awaited me was an overwhelming Fall 2022 seasonal listings, my god there is some great stuff out this season. I skipped Summer season for a break but definitley can not overlook some of Fall stuff. I am 2 days late writing my choice watchlist but things will be different how I choose what seasonal to watch. Before we get into the list you must be confused as to why I am mentioning Spring because that is where my mind is, as Northern hemisphere is entering the dark days… 

The southern is awakening to brighter long days…. man this winter felt so freaking long!! so over the next few months don’t be alarmed to hear the words summer, warm sunshine, just a heads up for you all! 

Alrighty enough of the long intro what in my fall basket?  

My Hero Academia S6



I have always been behind on My Hero whenever it came out seasonally that was okay with me but I understand this season is a big deal between heroes and villains war! so definitley don’t want to miss out and plus my friend will kill me if I’m not watching alongside her haha. 

Spy x Family Second Cour

Spy Family was one I was going to leave for end of year watch but I got hooked on bingeing it soon as it finished airing. Second cour I was going to wait to finish but my partner is nearly caught up with this so I think we will be watching this one together. What is there to say about this series, other than extremely entertaining, solid anime in every aspect. 

Urusei Yatsura 

Rumiko Takahashi. 
A name that is known to so many but never really gauged with me till later on my favourite work by her is Inuyasha so far. I’ve seen Ranma 1/2 which is a great time also. I have seen this work come up numerous times throughout the years and recent releases by discotek media. I have not decided if I will watch as it airs and only watch first episode to get a feel for it. This most likely I will watch to fully air first cour episodes as this is slated for 46 episodes. It is nice to see a adaptation with that many episodes. 

Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury 

This is my most anticipated watch, haven’t had a gundam TV series in seven years from sunrise. I watched the prologue over on Gundam.Info Youtube channel which blew me away. I did a special episode look over for my monthly podcast last month if you wanted to check out. I haven’t watched the first episode yet as of writing this but I am just absolutely stoked for this, I got that gut feeling this gundam is going to make waves for the franchise. To see a gundam in the fall line up honestly want to cry. 

More than a married couple, but not lovers.


Surveillance monitoring on chosen couples if they can live with one another hmmm this is what peaked my interest to this rom com. I love a romantic comedy but I am undecided if I will watch seasonally or just wait for a while. 

Raven Of The Inner Palace 


I had no idea this existed just before I was about to write this. Consorts, imperial palace wow when was the last time an anime like this came along. I am getting story of saiunkoku vibes here. Definitely will watch this weekly, excited for this one! 

Bibliophile Princess


Why hello there romance anime, where have you been for the last while. What’s that? we have a female lead who wants nothing more than to be tucked away with her books? pretends to be a prince’s fiance for a library of books? Why you are simply speaking to romance heart right now and of course darling I will watch you weekly no questions asked there. oh wait… madhouse are animating. . I wondered why it looked so pretty. 

Wohoo! this season you are overwhelming, I have barely looked over half of it but I will definitley be checking all of these series eventually or immediately however I stated I would. Let me know what you are checking out if you like and I honestly don’t care how many seasonals I pick because it will be watched at some point. 

Now as for regular posts to resume on Wednesday, I’m not quite ready until the second week of October to commence regular weekly posts. I’m tweaking a few things at the moment, I’ll update on that next week! 

See you in the next post! 

Lita x


Watching My First Japanese Drama: Mischievous Kiss


Wohoo! I have joined officially aboard the Drama train and fulfilling another one of my goals for this year.

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The Starting Of Being A Youtuber – Lita Edition

Being on youtube sounds scary…..

Greetings Readers/Bloggers 🙂

It’s time I felt for another doing another post similar to a post I did last year Lita’s Blogging Ways And My Tips, but this is regarding as some of you may or may not know I run a youtube channel where I express my love for anime in more depth. This post is dedicated to a good blogger friend of mine Taku who a while back wanted to see a post about how do you start a youtube channel or how to start out? So I am fulfilling this request now as I give a background into how I started my small channel and a guide, with tips on how for others wanting to start up their own channel or have a go 🙂 

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Lita’s Top 25 Anime Part 2

blog special

Greetings Everybody 🙂

Welcome back for Part 2 of my one year blog special unveiling #19 to 16. Lita is a little lazy this time around and had a change of idea which you will all found out. When the last part of my Top 25 post goes out which will be sometime next week. Now remember none of these are in particular order my list all of the anime I mention are my favorites though yes I can say I have a favorite anime of all time but in another post I will do a top 10 list of my favorite anime currently to date so without further do here is the countdown for #19 to 16.

Enjoy See you in The Special Part 3 😀 

Click here to read my Part 1 

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LitaKinoLife: New Anime + Rest Of Year Plans

Lita kino life

It’s November…….. WHAT !!!!!


Hello readers, followers
It’s as exactly as the reaction above already November o.o that means 8 weeks to Christmas thy I am not prepared *hides in a coffin*. I love Christmas just every year I am always late getting presents but I have already done a quarter of my Christmas shopping muahhh I shall not be late this year. Time has really flied this year and my head is trying to get a grip on that so I thought this would be a good time to do a blog and life update things because I know some of you enjoy this sort of thing by me.

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Lita Blogger Feature Friday: Sekinetsu and Lita hits 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

litas blogger friday

You’d be this happy if you saw that you reached more than 100 followers on your blog…..>////<
Yusssss !!! *Lita has stars in her eyes* 

I was so surprised the other day to see I had hit more than a 100 followers wow it makes me so determined for me to make my blog be the best it can be !!!

I never imagined when I started this blog I would hit that kind of number……
The words thankyou cannot express how I feel right now I am just grateful and will do my best for all of you 100 followers !!

I just wanted to say thankyou 🐱

Alright time to get this feature rolling this week I know I said I was going to do something different this week but I just couldn’t resit introducing a new anime blogger to you guys 🙂

This week’s feature and spotlight goes to: 


senSenkinetsu is a anime blogger that has only just returned from being inactive, They are still a fairly new blog (like me) to the aniblogging community. I was very happy to see there return as I had started following them from when they first joined wordpress. From what I have seen so far I believe they are full of great potential to be a amazing blog and earlier posts they have done I have really enjoyed reading.

I love the layout of their blog very simple and the main banner gives their blog a great logo to it. Senkinetsu has just announced a new posting schedule Anime Tuesdays and Manga Fridays If you want to find out about that then go check out their blog for more info.

I really want them to have all the support in the world for their blog, I have talked on the odd occasion to Senkinetsu and they are indeed very nice to have a good old anime chat with hehe

So please go support this blog guys and head on over and check them out!
Tell them Lita sent you

Comment below if there is anyone you think I should be checking out followers 🙂 

Next week I will be doing something different wehee new things so look forward to that
Till next blog feature 🙂 


Lita’s Summer Anime 2015 Picks

2015-06-10 20.48.59
Oh my it’s Lita in the flesh …. *everyone runs*

I felt like putting up something random so why not a picture of Lita cheering sort of BECAUSE……  she is heaps excited for all these new, exciting and wonderful anime’s for the summer anime 2015. Hope you guys have checked it out yet if you have not then you need to fellow people only 23 days approx till the new season starts.

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LitaKinoLife: New Anime !! 

I’m writing on my phone for this post as my laptop is taking forever to update my god technology >.< 

I totally forgot to post about a new anime I finally bought recently ️hehe I had my eye on it for ages. Xam ‘D is not a well known anime and I can’t wait  to freaking watch it. I will be reviewing this as soon as I am done with It but I’ll have to go buy the second collection this week. 

I am hoping to buy also next week waiting in the summer, attack on Titan and rail gun. Ahaha will see how my wallet feels but I am starting a new job in a week so very happy !!!! 


Please comment below if you followers enjoy seeing posts like this 😄 and I will do more !!