Enjoyment Bubble Didn’t Burst

Oh yeah rolling up to newest on the scene for once but this was a case of watch this now or you never will.

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Mental Media Takeover | OWLS July Technology Blog Tour


Time for the July blog tour where it’s not a post this time but a video. . . how exciting haha

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First 2019 End Of Month Post – A – Rama !!!

Luna’s excited NEW POST – A – RAMA PEOPLE!!


I’ve managed to get on track with everything in life and blogging, officially can confirm and it feels great. Last of all things to bring back strong is end of POST – A – RAMA. This January one will be a mixture of new and old, I’m psyched to share with you all !!! 


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What Comes Out Of The Lita Lab This Time Round?

The surprise never end with me and I got another one for you guys. Your going to love this one.

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Undoing The Peril Of Not Wanting Write

Noo… Noo.. It’s not there

Snacks ready, butt on chair, computer turned on. Open up a new blog document…. fingers don’t start moving. Oh the frustration for any blogger.

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Feeling The Anime Burn?

This has been everyone… *whispers* everyone…

A common discussion in anime I’ve noticed on the blog and youtube sphere “Anime Burnout”. You felt the burn too people?

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Anime Movie Collab Ft. Grimm Girl

collab totoro

Here is my second collaboration I did with Kat from Grimm Girl, you can read my collab part by clicking here. 


Hello old friends and new friends! I’m excited to do my first collaboration post with Lita Kino. I got on touch with her on Twitter when she reached out to bloggers expressing her desire to work with other bloggers on some posts. This was a lot of fun and a great way to gain exposure to anime that I may not have tried without some encouraging from a friend.

I’m a total novice so Lita suggested that we each recommend an anime to each other and do a review. We settled on anime movies and I suggested My Neighbor Totoro for her to watch (one of my favorites) and she suggested I check out Children Who Chase Lost Voices a Makoto Shinkai film that was released in 2011.
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Lita’s Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Hello everyone 😀

As you may have seen from my post title we are going to be talking about some of the most amazing, outstanding anime movies of all time by the incredible Studio Ghibli. I don’t feel I have to write a 3000 word essay about how amazing this studio is and the man behind it:

Hayao Miyazaki
The dude is a freaking legend and he will be for the next million years ❤

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Just Geeky Stuff + Review

litas blogger friday


I can’t believe it’s friday again already this week has gone by quick my god, I’ve not really had a moment this week and are a bit disappointed as not being able to blog as much as I wanted but better than no post right 😛  Right well I’m sure some of you who look forward to this want to know who’s the lucky blogger this week…. 🙂

This week’s Feature and Spotlight goes to: 

Just Geeky Stuff

This awesome anime blog is run by Keatle, they are a blog I always read their posts every week as they are always a joy to read and so informative. What you will find on this fun blog is fun, detailed reviews on anime, Tv shows and movies and their reviews are decently long as well which I love. Keatle works so hard when it comes to the blog posts and how regularly they update, everytime I look their is always something new to read by them which of course I just dropped what I’m doing and go read it. I feel this blog should be recognized more as it’s has a very chilled out feel to it and you get then when you read Keatle posts. Keatle is very friendly and has always been very supportive when it came to my blog, I would like to return the favor now ❤

So please go check out Just Geeky Stuff if you are a anime blogger or if your looking for someone new to follow 🙂
Tell them Lita sent you ❤

Now.. I has a review to feature this week also as last week I had no time and had read nothing 😛

doop anie
The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Review By
Doop Anime 

Doop anime has just joined the ani blogging community this month so I welcome you and their review on The ambition of Oda Nobuna I thought was brilliant. I loved already how their review was set out and their thoughts on the series, I feel like they think along the same lines as me when it comes to anime series that don’t get much notice. After reading this review it made me so keen to put this series on my top list of things to watch for next month or possibly buy (not like my list can get any bigger lol). I really think you should check out Doop Anime and this review you won’t regret it hehe 🙂

I hope you guys go check out these awesome people at what they do 😀

I’ll be back next week with another new blogger or review for you to go all stalk
Stalking is good……>////<

See you in the next post !!!