The Full Metal Feels… It’s Back


Finally time for me to sit down and talk about my babies that have returned to me. This was everything and more, for the first episode.

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Lita’s Summer Anime Update

This image may look a bit extreme but that’s just how you get when everything piles on you and you just want to bury yourself in a hole and never come out……

Hello everyone 😀

I know I am a little late with this post I have been wanting to do for ages now on my current thoughts on the Summer anime I have been watching, There have been a few changes as with anything because nothing never goes to your plan or what you want to do. It’s been hard to catch up on all of the anime I have missed because this season is the most I have ever watched, once I’ve written this up I’ll have an idea of how many I am actually watching anyway enough ramble let’s get talking Summer Season.

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Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Gate

Gate Jieitai Kanochi Nite Kaku Tatakaeri

Miltary Mixed With Fantasy
ooo Yeh !!

In the year 20XX a mysterious gate appears in tokyo Ginza district where through a portal fantasy creatures such as orges, dragons and medieval knights full on attack GInza. The Japanese defence force quickly takes action and majors to push the threat through the portal. With this mysterious situation occuring a special team of soldiers “Special Region” are sent into the portal to explore the other world which is lead by second Lieutenant Youji Itami. There in the other world he encounters 3 different creatures a elf, sorcerer  and a Gothic Lolita.

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