Lita Liebster Cool Club Over Here ~


Thought it was about time in me answering some of these over 20 nominations that have built up. That just don’t feel I deserve but apparently people think otherwise.

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Morning Toast Liebster Award Nomination


no post for a week haha that is unlike me I had a very crazy week, content for spooky October is as I feared slow in progress but should have another review up this week though I’m pushing to have it finished for tomorrow. Don’t worry I want to push, I need to no matter how hectic life is currently I’ll squeeze it all in like squeezing fresh juice. But what great timing for a old blogger to reappear Morning Toast after a long hiatus I was touched by how much they love my blog so I decided to respond to their nomination 😀

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Liebster Award Nomination By: Morning Toast


Nya I got nominated again >////< Thankyou Morning Toast
I have had so many amazing bloggers nominate me for this that I just have not had time to sit down and do this, But now I finally do and would love to respond to all the people who have nominated me so I will do one at a time 🙂
I’ll  feel bad if I don’t do it 😦 

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LitaKino Liebster Award Nomination By josefcd904

Soooo I got nominated……

I had no idea what this all meant till I read about it but means this award is for bloggers who don’t have many views on their blog and should be known more. I think this is a really cool idea and wanted thankyou josefcd904 (The Reviewer’s Corner) for nominating me I feel quite honored and I’m in all aweeee ❤

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