The Big Obsession With Gundam


Earlier this week I was asked a question regarding why do people like Gundam so much? As a fan of all things mecha, thought be interesting to give my two cents on the topic.


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Lacus The Loveable Pacifist

There is not many females in mecha genre that have stood out to me. Male dominance is a thing within this genre. But among few females I adore, one shines like a beacon of hope. Plus she made me like the colour pink again.


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The Female Appeal Of Gundam Collaboration

 A Complex Colllab (1)

Gundam appeals highly to the male masses but there are females who love it just as much. As in this collaboration with a special blogger friend. We look at the appeal of Gundam to us and how other females view Gundam.  
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Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

I sure do love my mecha anime series, I never use to but it was until I watched this series that I then began to love this genre of anime ❤

Gundam Seed Destiny 

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