`New Year `New Anime and We Can Carry On

Time for a brief part 2 to conclude this new year thing. 

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Exploration, Fixtures For Kino Corner 2022

Rewired, Refreshed, Revived

What is up everybody!! I’m shy of a day late with the whole new year thing. I’m sure some were doubtful if I would be around as much because much as changed. 

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A Everything Blog Update│ June


This is Valerie. She loves photography, cats, doctor who, 5sos and Starbucks. She's smart, nerdy, lovable and sweet. Age: 14:


Hello readers, blogger friends, EVERYONE!!!

It’s been since February since I have done a update for my blog, so thought it was high time to keep you all in the loop of the happenings. I have to admit over the first half of this year I feel I’m doing okay on blogging goals for 2016 I set myself at the beginning of the year.

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Lita’s Blogging/Personal Plans 2016

Aren’t I fabulous?

There is the face of my blog up above isn’t she just splendid this whole post is only about all of you looking at her…Bye.


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