Pre Halloween and Friends Gathering Stream


I know I’m giving more notice than usual this time around by like a day ahaha lol

On Sunday 23rd October I’ll be having a stream I had been planning for the last week, I mentioned in my latest update video. Most people I know when they tune into my streams are from America so down below are the times I worked out for you:


Click here to use a time converter to work out a time from where you live.

When this stream happens for most people it’ll be Saturday evening for them as it’ll be Sunday morning for me. This stream is casual, I’ll be joined by so far good friend Blade Ninja and if there’s anyone wants to join me and blade in the stream. Please message me over twitter or I’m more than happy to have some extra people.

In the stream as from the title it’ll be along the lines of Halloween themed as where I live we don’t really celebrate it, as big as anywhere else does. Hopefully be discussing of creepy anime, I’ll be taking recommendations from people of things I should be watching in the name of Halloween and whatever else. Whole point of this stream is to involve blogger friends and others, such a great way to interact with people I follow and followers.

I hope blogger peeps can make it, it’ll be a long stream I can feel it
Ahh Really excited now XD

I’ll see you there !! 😀 


The Random Package Unboxing

What awaits inside…

Otaku Unboxing Alert!!!

Greetings One and All ^__^

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!!

Yeh..feeling eh

Greetings !!! 

Thank god it’s FRIDAY !!, These past two weeks for me were not better for me the last time I wrote up my last feature. No sadly so all I’ve been feeling is meh about mostly a lot of things, so hoping this weekend to just wind down, and take time out for myself. I hope everyone else has been doing better but we know your not all here for how I’ve been. Although some kind of introduction to these Feature Friday’s is required.

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