It’s A Retro Friday Feature



A tad late but time for another Friday Feature and have a very special one for you all this time. Going out of the bloggersphere and into the podcastsphere, at two podcasts run by a guy who loves retro.

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It’s A Glorious Friday Feature


I’ve only done one of these features, that is bad. But I’m trying to get back in the game now but here we are to introduce a Nerdy girl you may know in the blogging community.
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It’s A Nerdy Friday Feature

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 6.06.10 pm

Welcome to the return of the Friday feature. First one for 2019 and I have a nerdy lady all the way from New Jersey for you to get to know !!

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It’s A Blooming Friday Feature

Friday feature’s have finally made their long awaited return and have a female romance loving blogger to introduce you too. 

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + OWLS LIVESTREAM ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 22

litas blogger friday


Shopping for 8 hours o.o

Went for shopping for 8 hours o.o with my friend this week…. I don’t remember the last time that happened holy crap.

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!! #9

litas blogger friday

Image result for bleh anime face

Hiding from the world this week.

Hey Folks!!! 

It’s post – a -rama!! time again where every second Friday, I share posts I have read for the past two weeks. Hopefully they interest you enough to go have a read and find a new blogger to follow.

I’ve had a better chance this time around to read some people’s posts so READY TO FIND OUT WHO ARE MY FEATURES THIS WEEK?

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Just something about lynlyn

litas blogger friday
I’m late with this but better late than never. 🙂
It’s that time of the week I feature a blogger or a review or post I enjoyed.

This weeks spotlight and feature goes to:

Just something about LynLyn


I really enjoy reading this blogger’s manga reviews I have either read or put down a manga they have read onto my manga list. Their reviews are always really insightful, a lot of their personal feelings and thoughts make reading posts on their blog most enjoyable.

They review anime, manga and movies.

So I recommend showing some good old support and going checking their blog out !!
Tell them Lita sent you 🙂

The reason I am doing this feature friday is to help you bloggers connect with one another and I hope in time that happens. Please let me know if you do follow the bloggers I feature because then I will know what I am doing is helping someone else ❤

Till next week 🙂