300 Followers Special Revealed

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I have some time to finally reveal what I will be doing for my 300 follower special. The choices I gave for this special, I left up to you guys though I didn’t get many responses. I wanted to do something fun that would include everyone.

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Lita’s Blogging Ways and My Tips

Hello everyone, Lita here 

Today I bring you a post which I have wanted to write about for a while now I was inspired by the amazing blogger FUJINSEI who a while ago wrote about staying true to your blogging style and how to get ideas for blogging. They were such great reads and truly inspired me to write about how I blog and some simple blogging tips for me to past onto.

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Lita’s Discussion Time: What Are Some Good Anime Video Games You’d Recommend?


2015-07-19 19.31.58

Been a while since I did a discussion and this question is a personal one for me and be good for others to know as well. Recently Lita shed from her cocoon finally and stepped into the world of gaming, having paid off her PS3 which has been on layby like forever. I feel really happy I own one now but the truth is Lita knows next to nothing when it comes to video games it’s taken me this long just to get a console….. -_-

Yeh that’s what some people’s reactions have been…

I have never been a gamer person more of a anime watcher personally, but there were reasons why I decided to get this PS3 now:

1. I have a backup if my current DVD Player dies
2. My boyfriend can brainwash me with games he likes like Black Ops etc
3. I’ve always wanted to play anime video games

Before I even bought my PS3 I did my research in which console was better for my needs, stressfully I was weighing up between the PS3 and the PS4 it seemed logic to me to go for the newest playstation console. But in the end I found two big differences between both one The PS4 you have to pay to play online and two you can’t play blurays on it. Where as with the PS3 you can play online for free so it doesn’t make sense to me when the PS4 came out to pay to play online, nope still doesn’t make sense to me. In the end I went with the PS3 which I felt was best for me.

So for those who are game players you can correct me if I’m wrong about any of the things I have said about the PS3 or PS4 which leads me to the two questions I ask everyone for this discussion:

What are some good anime video games that you would recommend?
Which do you find is better the PS3 or PS4?

Yay I rambled on again.
But I was looking for some anime video games to play as I have no clue about what would be a good game so anything anyone suggests I will probably check out 😉 I hope this discussion will be useful to anyone else like me who knows next to nothing about video games.

So comment below to answer the following questions and any thoughts you also have ❤ 
Lita would love to know 

See you in the next discussion

Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Akko Anime + Something Extra???

litas blogger friday

Ahhh Indeed It is that time of the week again !!!
Where I bring you someone new for you all to stalk because that is what this segment is all about


You know I’m kidding…

Note: I have a few more first impressions to write up for the summer anime 2015 and this sunday will be my first sunday review so see what I end up reviewing could be anything 😀
Are you curious?

So this week’s Spotlight and Feature I have picked goes to:

Akko Anime

I started following this blog just last month as I was looking for some new people to follow, Instantly fell in love with their blog. The blog is run by Zenko you will find on their blog they do some very informative anime reviews which I love reading each time they post up a new one. I like the way they review anime, It’s broken down into topic segments addressing everything they wish to address, just enjoyable to read.

I recommend following Zenko’s blog for any anime bloggers, they post very regularly and their posts are great to read. I like the layout of their blog pretty easy to find reviews.

So click this now to follow Zenko and their blog 

Tell them Lita sent you ❤


Yes I have a extra something for this week’s feature or may it will happen each week from now where I feature both a blog and review 😀

love story24 Frames Per Second 
Ore Monogatari Thoughts

There are so many good reviews I read each day and I thought it would be good to feature reviews in my feature Friday’s along with a blogger. I’m sure most of you will like this idea and will be happening from this post onwards hehe, So this week’s review that was a really good review was by 24 Frames Per Second covering their opinion on Ore Monogatari. In their review they talk about Takeo and Yamato’s relationship and their opinion on how its going in the series and some of the flaws. I just found the whole post really interesting and the way they wrote the whole thing referring to the relationship like Cotton candy.

I don’t have to go into detail about their review because you guys can have a read for yourself’s otherwise I would be spoiling it so head on over and check out their review 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this different feature friday and I’ll be back next week with a new blog and review for you guys 😀

I’ll see you in the next post
LitaKino ❤

Lita’s Discussion Time: What Does Anime Mean To You?


Yes Mr Patterson it’s what all us anime fans do when someone said’s that magic word anime or you meet new people who love the same thing you do 🙂 

Sadly there are people in this world who will never understand our love for japanese animation or the huge fandoms that come with it, and  when they want to start a war with you over the topic go tell them to drown themselves…..

Lita evil Heh Heh

For the record yes I’ve said that to people in the past who have tried to make fun of my interests, I’ve never let them bother me which what made me think about a certain question that I wanted to ask you readers and to those who follow me, as I am very curious to know:

What does anime mean to you?

This question is a very personal to any anime fan and anime means something different to everyone.

Anime to me is a life love and probably will be for the rest of my life, I am so glad I was introduced to this world as it’s the reason I met some amazing friends who loved the same thing as I am someone that has never had friends, got introduced to cosplay was able to express my love for certain characters I loved and gave me something much more entertaining to watch then boring average TV. It never mattered what anime I would watch it would put a smile on my face when I was feeling the lowest of low, and make me forget about reality.

We all know reality can suck times >.<

It is like a big slap in the face >.>

Anime is just amazing to make you escape reality, I love that feeling it lets me feel like a little kid and allow me to believe in the impossible. I’m sure any anime fan would have felt like that at some point you can’t hide it from Lita. Anime was my safe haven where I knew I could be my real self, in certain anime’s I learnt certain life lessons that you can’t be taught and mainly makes me happy when I think about it.

It gave me excitement in my life and I believe that is just what anime does to everyone. 🙂

Yay okay Lita… enough of your real mushy talk…..lol

So guys Tell Lita what does anime mean to you?
Comment Below ❤


Lita Kino’s Giveaway Reminder

Hello lovelies,

Just a reminder that I kicked off my giveaway the other day
Here is a video I did about the details so it’s clearer for others 🙂

Link to Giveaway:


Soo come join in 🙂


Lita Kino’s Special Anime Bloggers Giveaway

Some of you guys may be jumping for joy after reading the title and it is all true hehe


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