Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Daiyamanga + Post Of The Week

litas blogger friday

It’s Green time for that time of the week !!!

Where I bring you guys someone new to stalk and a review to read, Hey guys it’s Lita I hope you are all doing well and for the record I will say I am super tired…..Life stop being busy give LITA A BREAK!!! 

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Just Geeky Stuff + Review

litas blogger friday


I can’t believe it’s friday again already this week has gone by quick my god, I’ve not really had a moment this week and are a bit disappointed as not being able to blog as much as I wanted but better than no post right 😛  Right well I’m sure some of you who look forward to this want to know who’s the lucky blogger this week…. 🙂

This week’s Feature and Spotlight goes to: 

Just Geeky Stuff

This awesome anime blog is run by Keatle, they are a blog I always read their posts every week as they are always a joy to read and so informative. What you will find on this fun blog is fun, detailed reviews on anime, Tv shows and movies and their reviews are decently long as well which I love. Keatle works so hard when it comes to the blog posts and how regularly they update, everytime I look their is always something new to read by them which of course I just dropped what I’m doing and go read it. I feel this blog should be recognized more as it’s has a very chilled out feel to it and you get then when you read Keatle posts. Keatle is very friendly and has always been very supportive when it came to my blog, I would like to return the favor now ❤

So please go check out Just Geeky Stuff if you are a anime blogger or if your looking for someone new to follow 🙂
Tell them Lita sent you ❤

Now.. I has a review to feature this week also as last week I had no time and had read nothing 😛

doop anie
The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Review By
Doop Anime 

Doop anime has just joined the ani blogging community this month so I welcome you and their review on The ambition of Oda Nobuna I thought was brilliant. I loved already how their review was set out and their thoughts on the series, I feel like they think along the same lines as me when it comes to anime series that don’t get much notice. After reading this review it made me so keen to put this series on my top list of things to watch for next month or possibly buy (not like my list can get any bigger lol). I really think you should check out Doop Anime and this review you won’t regret it hehe 🙂

I hope you guys go check out these awesome people at what they do 😀

I’ll be back next week with another new blogger or review for you to go all stalk
Stalking is good……>////<

See you in the next post !!!

Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Akko Anime + Something Extra???

litas blogger friday

Ahhh Indeed It is that time of the week again !!!
Where I bring you someone new for you all to stalk because that is what this segment is all about


You know I’m kidding…

Note: I have a few more first impressions to write up for the summer anime 2015 and this sunday will be my first sunday review so see what I end up reviewing could be anything 😀
Are you curious?

So this week’s Spotlight and Feature I have picked goes to:

Akko Anime

I started following this blog just last month as I was looking for some new people to follow, Instantly fell in love with their blog. The blog is run by Zenko you will find on their blog they do some very informative anime reviews which I love reading each time they post up a new one. I like the way they review anime, It’s broken down into topic segments addressing everything they wish to address, just enjoyable to read.

I recommend following Zenko’s blog for any anime bloggers, they post very regularly and their posts are great to read. I like the layout of their blog pretty easy to find reviews.

So click this now to follow Zenko and their blog 

Tell them Lita sent you ❤


Yes I have a extra something for this week’s feature or may it will happen each week from now where I feature both a blog and review 😀

love story24 Frames Per Second 
Ore Monogatari Thoughts

There are so many good reviews I read each day and I thought it would be good to feature reviews in my feature Friday’s along with a blogger. I’m sure most of you will like this idea and will be happening from this post onwards hehe, So this week’s review that was a really good review was by 24 Frames Per Second covering their opinion on Ore Monogatari. In their review they talk about Takeo and Yamato’s relationship and their opinion on how its going in the series and some of the flaws. I just found the whole post really interesting and the way they wrote the whole thing referring to the relationship like Cotton candy.

I don’t have to go into detail about their review because you guys can have a read for yourself’s otherwise I would be spoiling it so head on over and check out their review 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this different feature friday and I’ll be back next week with a new blog and review for you guys 😀

I’ll see you in the next post
LitaKino ❤

Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Various Reviews

litas blogger friday

This has been me over the past week….. 

Lita has been trying this week to update some things on her blog and youtube which I may say I have had success at hehe 
so you may noticed some changes to my blog but I’ll post about all that on the weekend probably. 

Sooo this week’s feature friday is going to be different as when I started this I did mention not only featuring bloggers but people’s reviews also…..ooooo *everybody goes oooo*. I have been seeing and have read some really good reviews recently so I wanted to feature some reviews for you readers to go out check out 😀 

These are the following Featured Reviews Lita enjoyed a lot:

r1The first review I really enjoyed reading this week was by thelimitlessimagnation and her review on a old classic Ashita no Nadja. I really enjoy her detailed reviews and really enjoyed reading this gave me insight into a new anime to go look at and gave me my shoujo feels >.<

r2The second review I loved reading this week was by WakuWafu and their review on No Game No Life. After reading this these guys shed some good light on me about this anime as I had never been much interested in no game no life. Now I am very keen to give this anime a go now 🙂 

r3The third review I really enjoyed was by Hexa Blog and their review on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. I had watched this anime a long time ago and was nice to see a different opinion on the anime, as anime’s like this don’t get shed much light on sadly. It was a great review all round.

r4Finally the last review this week I really enjoyed was by Unnecessary Exclamation Mark and their review on comparing two anime’s plastic memories and waiting in the summer. I love it when bloggers do posts comparing two anime’s together and this was a great comparison. I haven’t watched plastic memories yet but I have read enough to know what the anime entails and the angle this comparison was taken on was brilliant 🙂 

So those are the four reviews that I have really enjoyed this week 🙂 
Hope you guys liked this change for this week’s feature. 

I’ll have an important to make on the weekend so look forward to that !! 

I’ll see you all next week with a new blogger or review 😀 


Lita Blogger Feature Friday: Sekinetsu and Lita hits 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

litas blogger friday

You’d be this happy if you saw that you reached more than 100 followers on your blog…..>////<
Yusssss !!! *Lita has stars in her eyes* 

I was so surprised the other day to see I had hit more than a 100 followers wow it makes me so determined for me to make my blog be the best it can be !!!

I never imagined when I started this blog I would hit that kind of number……
The words thankyou cannot express how I feel right now I am just grateful and will do my best for all of you 100 followers !!

I just wanted to say thankyou 🐱

Alright time to get this feature rolling this week I know I said I was going to do something different this week but I just couldn’t resit introducing a new anime blogger to you guys 🙂

This week’s feature and spotlight goes to: 


senSenkinetsu is a anime blogger that has only just returned from being inactive, They are still a fairly new blog (like me) to the aniblogging community. I was very happy to see there return as I had started following them from when they first joined wordpress. From what I have seen so far I believe they are full of great potential to be a amazing blog and earlier posts they have done I have really enjoyed reading.

I love the layout of their blog very simple and the main banner gives their blog a great logo to it. Senkinetsu has just announced a new posting schedule Anime Tuesdays and Manga Fridays If you want to find out about that then go check out their blog for more info.

I really want them to have all the support in the world for their blog, I have talked on the odd occasion to Senkinetsu and they are indeed very nice to have a good old anime chat with hehe

So please go support this blog guys and head on over and check them out!
Tell them Lita sent you

Comment below if there is anyone you think I should be checking out followers 🙂 

Next week I will be doing something different wehee new things so look forward to that
Till next blog feature 🙂 


LitaKinoLife: New anime, life antics and stuff

Lita kino life

I’ve just been a bum like Serena since the last time I did a life post so….

Nothing new to report Later! *Zooms off* 

Just kidding of course hehe

Yo my readers !!
I hope your all doing good this week and if your not COME continue reading this for some amusement pleasure!!

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Anime Reviews By Someone Who Isn’t a Weeboo

litas blogger friday
Muahhhhh !! 

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the week where I bring you guys someone new to follow or a review that has caught my eye, I’ve only just had the energy to be able to write this post. As I just feel exhausted and tired from this winter weather recently. I love winter a lot but at night it makes me feel extremely lazy and want to do nothing at all, I’m not a very fit person >.<

Yep this is me currently ahaha! 

This week’s feature and spotlight goes to: 

Anime Reviews by Someone who isn’t a weebo


Interesting name for their blog right?
I love it it’s what drew me towards this blog in the first place, I love following this anime blog for the very straight to the point, short anime reviews. I’m usually not a fan of short reviews sometimes but I like the structure of the way they blog their reviews and it’s entertaining to read. 

You may think their blog looks too simple but I think it suits their blogging style. 

So head on over and check them out !! 
Tell them Lita sent you

Note: Some new posts coming up next week but you know Lita does everything at her own pace

Next week I will do something a little different 
So stay tuned until then !! 


Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: The Reviewer’s Corner

litas blogger friday

I realise I missed last week’s sadly I had a busy week last week but I am making up for this week now. Work has been hectic lately and I’ve been one tired Lita so people will have to bare with me not posting for maybe 2 to 3 days us bloggers need me to time 🙂

Moving on 😀

This week’s  fabulous spotlight and feature whom I think he is a awesome dude is: 

The Reviewer’s Corner 


Joe who is the blogger behind The Reviewer’s Corner has to be one of my favorite anime blog’s to follow, he was one of the first for me to ever follow and I love his blog. He has loads of different things going on his blog from collaborations, anime reviews, his anime collections etc I love that variety and it’s what makes his anime blog really interesting.

He inspired me for a few ideas of how I wanted to run my blog so he is a inspiration also. His posts are always very detailed and never likes to miss out  anything, sure his posts may seem long but they are intriguing to readers so never change that Joe ^^. Joe is very nice to talk to, I’ve had many anime discussions with him and he gives great advice when it comes to anime or blogging.

So you won’t be disappointed to follow this awesome anime blog 😀
Head on over there now, Tell them Lita sent you ❤

As always guys never be afraid to suggest anime bloggers you think I should check out, I am always on the hunt for new blogs to follow especially anime ones ^^

I’ll see you all next with a new blogger or review !!!

2 Nominations Wow!! – Sunshine Award


*Grooves around*

I certainly got my groove on today as I was not having the best day and this really cheered me up to know I had been nominated by two amazing anime bloggers I follow Takuto’s Anime Cafe and thelimitlessimagination for the sunshine award so I will happily answer both your questions guys ❤


People are awarded this who bring creativity and inspiring blogs to the table so I am doing to have fun with this people Let’s get started!!! 

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Chibi Majo

litas blogger friday

IMG_2905-0*Lita goes back to sleep*

Whoops Hello there world….*back to sleep*
Anyone want to join me?

Hi Readers 🙂
Lita here and I’ve been pretty dead this week from my new job and no time to look at anything on the interwebs so hence why my posts have been so slow this week. I’ve got a few days off now so I can crack down on some writing and making videos for my youtube it’s exciting 🙂

Yes Lita is late with the blogger or review of the week but the person who has the spotlight this week is:

Chibi Majo


chibi 2

I love Chibi Majo blog I always get excited everytime they post something new, I always always enjoy reading what they have to say. Their reviews are very detailed and right to the point hence they really do write some great reviews. The blogger is very direct and not afraid to express herself through her blog, that is what attracted me in the beginning.

The layout of the blog is very simple and you may think it’s boring but I think it suits with what content is on this anime blog.  I recommend reading any of their top anime related posts they are quite amusing and have made me laugh on the odd occassion. The blogger does their best to keep the blog updated but for me is always worth the wait in honesty 🙂

So go check out this awesome anime blog and add it to your follower list !!
Tell them Lita sent you ❤

Thankyou for reading this and I’ll see you next week with a new blogger or review !! ❤