Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Episode Reviews


Hello everyone 🙂 

Welcome to another discussion time, I really need to do more of these as I find it really fun discussing certain topics with everyone 🙂 This idea of a discussion plagued in my brain after watching the video above by a youtuber I follow known as The Anime Man, He talks about in this of why he doesn’t do episode reviews and got me thinking of what others may think about this idea?

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Okami – san and Her Seven Companions Anime Review

okami sanAnime: Okami san and her seven companions
Published: July 1, 2010September 16, 2010
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action
Episodes: 12

Hello lovelies ❤

I bring you a new review finally haha.
It’s more romantic comedy but this anime has a good twist with that. This has be in my top 5 romantic comedy favs as I ship so hard the two main characters of this series 🙂
This is a underrated anime again so I felt it needed the Lita touch to bring it to life 🙂

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