House Keeping Blog Update

Just a quick little update I’ve been meaning to do, I’ll have this cleaned up in no time.

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A Boring Blog Schedule Change Update

Yes time to cry a update comes lol

This isn’t an exciting update but important to keep you in the loop regarding the blog. Blog updates are so exciting.. *tumbleweed rolls by*

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What’s Been Concocting In The Lab For March?

*Machines noises in the background*

Something has been concocting in the Lita Laboratory for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been hinting on here and twitter. It’s time to unveil MUAHHHHH! *Insert evil laugh* 

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300 Followers Special Revealed

Image result for anime happy face
I have some time to finally reveal what I will be doing for my 300 follower special. The choices I gave for this special, I left up to you guys though I didn’t get many responses. I wanted to do something fun that would include everyone.

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