Choblannad Sadly Exists


(Wrote back in may)

I REALLY REALLY wasn’t going to talk about this series. . . finished it last night and it’s a stabber. 

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It’s A Nerdy Friday Feature

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 6.06.10 pm

Welcome to the return of the Friday feature. First one for 2019 and I have a nerdy lady all the way from New Jersey for you to get to know !!

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Lita’s Discussion Time: Long Or Short Reviews


Good day everyone 🙂 

I have had a question pondering in my mind for quite sometime now and that is to you all you readers out there

Do you prefer short or long anime reviews? 

This question I know has been a debate for a long time, some people like to read good long reviews, lots of detail, getting to hear others detailed thoughts about the anime or manga. Instead some people like sweet, clean short reviews which get right to the point of things and doesn’t feel like the post is  dragging on  forever. This sort of thing is always purely based on personal preference and I was just curious to know of what others think. 

Bloggers can write however they want on their posts, it’s their blog and we should respect that. I believe what it also comes down to is the way the blogger writes their review, is it really interesting? lots of detail? could be quite humorous? makes you feel happy after reading? all questions like that matter and many more matter as to why people read your reviews.

Personally for me when I write my reviews my main objective is to get people interested into reading or watching that anime or manga. My anime reviews I know I write longish ones because there is always so much I want to say but I try and do it in a way that doesn’t bore people. My manga reviews I like to keep short because I like to write only what my personal thoughts were on it and not going into so much detail, I feel it if I went into detail with manga it would spoil the story for people who wish to read.


So please comment below your thoughts to this question 🙂