Happy Valentines !!: Lita’s Top 10 Anime Couples

top anime couples

It’s mushy gushy day !!!! 

Happy Valentines to all even if you hate the hell out of this day, or it’s just another day to you. But here on my blog finally bring all my readers a long anticipated list that has been asked for, I bring you my favorite top 10 anime couples. This list is in order as the decision has been real and hard to put together but finally happy with it all, all the couples I’ve chosen for different reasons over the course of their relationship and how they grew as characters. These are the two main reasoning’s for my choices so without further or so here are my lucky top 10 anime couple choices:

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Lita Kino’s Top 6: Anime Couples I Will Never Support

Hello Lovelies ❤

Been a while since I did a top anything and this time I was inspired after reading a certain post this week by Chibimajo. Where they talk about anime couples they will never support and don’t care for. I found their post really interesting here’s the link for you to check it out:

Top 7: Anime Couples I Don’t Care For

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