A Selfish Jackass To Start The Year!


Lita thought Oh my to this title.

Wehee know how were going to start this new year with what could be better, BOYS LOVE and smexy is a word.


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Lita Wishes You A Merry Holiday




December content I had a plan but we’re not rushing over here. Let’s leave all that in 2020 haha.

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Manga Collection TALK?!?


I’ve never done a manga collection update or haul nothing in all my 5 year blogging. That’s appalling but I can tell you things from now on and into 2020 will be changing for manga talk.

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Hot And Cold Christmas – December Owl’s Tour


While others love easter, halloween, Finally a chance to spout about my favourite time of year EVER! But with a twist. haha. 


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It’s A Ho Ho Post – A – Rama!!


Just hear those blogging bells chime for a merry post – a – rama and it’s FRIDAY!!


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We All Want To Belong And Hello Boys Love Again!



I’m doing that thing. . . Remember in my plan forward for this blog that we watch, read and write. It’s happening and completely unplanned to watch a boys love as Hyouka has been my prime attention. Hyouka talk is coming and it’s December…. *shock face*


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