Mini Break

How life has been screaming down my ears holes

I’ll be having time off work as of Sunday for just over a week, just to recharge myself after dealing with a big life change. So there will be no post next week but after there will resume. I look forward to giving time to some AMV work and Nintendo Switch, whatever else I feel like. There will be a post tomorrow as usual. I will have a new podcast episode or two out this week if you want to keep a lookout for that! 

See you in a little bit! 


Exploration, Fixtures For Kino Corner 2022

Rewired, Refreshed, Revived

What is up everybody!! I’m shy of a day late with the whole new year thing. I’m sure some were doubtful if I would be around as much because much as changed. 

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A Solo Announcement!

Lita Laboratory Has Been Hard At Work !

The Lita Laboratory has been bubbling away in secret on a new solo endeavour! 

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