Fellow Anime Bloggers

fellow ani bloggers

~ Consisting in this list are the finest anime bloggers, blogging community has to offer.I’m always looking to help any anime bloggers out there ,each person on this list. Has their own unique flare they bring to the table !! ~

If you know any anime blogger for me to follow comment below and I’ll add them!!

Updated: 2/09/18

Anime Corps 

The Reviewers Corner 

The Otaku Judge

Takuto’s Anime Cafe 


Mirror Purple


Otaku Gamer Zone 

Mechanical Anime Reviews  

Pinky’s Palace

All Hail Haruhi

Grimm Girl  

Marth’s Anime Blog

Rai’s Anime Blog 

Everything Japan 

Lethargic Ramblings

The Lily Garden


All Andrealinia

The Mind Of The Hybrid One

Anime Prince Blog 

Shoujo Thoughts 

Anime Opinions

Mel In Anime Land

Two Happy Cats 

Archi – Anime

Thoughts On The Move

Humble Ace

Anime B & B 

Let’s Talk Anime  

The Animanga SpellBook 

I Drink And Watch Anime 

Apprentice Mages Lounge

Shokomoka’s Blog of Wonders 


Random Garage

Manga Toritsukareru Koto 

Peach’s Almanac 


My Brain Is Completely Empty

Manga Hoarder 

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero 

Miandro’s Side

Pop Culture Literary 

Matt In The Hat

Anime Girls NYC 

Anime Reviewer Girl 

Yaoi Playground 

D & A Anime


Ka-Chan Anime Reviews


The Pantless Anime Blogger 


The Yuri Nation


Treasure Box

Fueled By Smiling 

Tiny Ugly Animal

The Spooky Red Head 

 Slow Anime 

Jon Spencer Reviews

A Girl & Her Anime 

The Only Shinyuu Site 







24 thoughts on “Fellow Anime Bloggers

      1. No problem! Well be sure to let me know when you do 😀 I’ll go through it a bit later any how. For now, having fun going through your backlog. Been doing that for people I’ve recently followed. Expect a shower of likes and comments hahaha!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This is so cool….and I just saw that Raistlin already commented that. Well I guess this proves it! Lita awesome blogroll! I luves these and it’s so sweet of you to share like this. I’ve already discovered 2 new blogs which makes today a good day!


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