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Here is a complied list of amazing anime bloggers for you all to go check out and know you are not the only Otaku out there. 

Anime Corps – A group of otaku bloggers who review seasonal anime, editorials write ups. Been in the ani blogging scene for three years and worth your follow !!

The Reviewers Corner –  This was one of the first blogs I ever followed and has been a wiseman in anime for me. On his blog you will find he likes to review anime and manga, do interesting discussions, Collaborate with other bloggers and do personal life posts from time to time 🙂

The Otaku Judge – He’s is a very supportive blogger of others, They do some great detailed anime and manga reviews and post also about games, news. Great blogger to have a chat with very friendly.

Takuto’s Anime Cafe This again was one of the first blogs I followed and have become good friends. They do some good in depth anime reviews which I thoroughly enjoy reading and have a really interesting page layout that represents a cafe.

Daily Anime Art – This is a great blog with much variety from anime reviews and posts about anime art which I really love

The Anime Analyst Zac is indeed the analyst as he makes his posts so interesting with the way he analysis important details, He blogs a lot about anime and manga. He is also a blogger for Unime TV I really enjoy what Zac does and always keep coming back to his blog.

SomethingaboutLynLyn Lyn has much variety in content when it comes to her blog, Anime, Manga, Books, Personal Posts Etc. I always love reading her posts, kind of get excited when I see one. Personally she is my manga guru coming up with all these new titles for me to read.

The Limitless Imagination Shiro was another blogger whom I first met when starting out on wordpress. She has been such a great friend and fellow blogger to me,  I love reading her content she knows how to draw you in. Her content varies from anime, manga, books to very in-depth personal outlooks, that is much to enjoy on her blog which is why I admire her blog and her a lot.

Magnitude Anime ReviewsMag is what I am going to call them they are fairly new to the blogging scene and do a lot of anime reviews. Every Saturday they will put out a new review which you can always look forward too. They always put a lot of effort into their reviews which is why I have come to enjoy reading them so much 🙂

Mirror Purple Mirror has always supported me and my blog, I thankyou immensely, they themselves run a fun, funny blog expressing their love for anime and manga. I enjoy reading their posts about music they are listening to and what music they are currently into. You will get a kick out of following their blog for certain 🙂

Sleeping Geeks A group that consists of many different writers and reviewers bring you all the Otaku content that they can give from anime, manga, gaming, nerdy news, general news the list goes on. They are consistent when posting and always love seeing different mix of content they put up each week very worth your time to be follow this amazing site 😀

Marvelously Mismatched Marv is the nickname I gave her is a darling and regularly I’ll visit her site for some new manga to check out as she always is suggesting various titles. Her blog is a personal outlet for her to spread the word of manga as from following her I can tell she cravely loves it a lot. I enjoy following her very much, she’s is lovely to have a chat with and recommend you follow her for some manganesss 🙂

Crimson Crimson is quite the character and always makes me laugh with her randomness. She runs her own personal blog called Fujoshi Life where again like many others is her personal outlet, blogging about anything but mostly anime. We have one thing in common together we love YAOI !!! Her blog content is always a giggle to read and think you will enjoy her humorous blog.

Otaku Gamer Zone Like the sleeping geeks Kausus is the soul runner of this otaku site Otaku Gamer Zone. I admire all the time and effort they put into their own page, they are wishing to really get their site to take off wanting to bring something different to the anime community. Like me they are a huge supporter of any bloggers and do a website feature of a blogger every so often. I love their site so much always varied content for any anime or gamer fan, it is worth your time to follow these guys I know it would be the world to them 🙂

Mechanical Anime Reviews  Scott is the man behind this personal anime blog, I’ve always enjoyed reading out of all of his content, his discussion posts. He’s really nice to have a chat with and covers anime episode reviews and anime reviews.

Pinky’s PalacePinky is a very bubbly anime blogger you can find on her blog, reviews, useful anime references, fangirl spotlights and much more. She’s really fun to follow plus pink everywhere !!!

All Hail Haruhu Anime and Film Blogger who utilises her blog to speak of what is ever on here mind, she is a blogger I look up to very much. A very detailed blogger and you’ll enjoy in what she has to say.

Grimm Girl  – Kat runs Grimm Girl a personal blog of all her interests from makeup to anime. She covers on her blog Otome games, revisit reviews of series she loves, personal things. She’s a lovely anime blogger and another fun blog to follow.

Marth’s Anime Blog –  Marth has been in the ani blogging scene for a long time since 2011 he covers on his blog episode reviews, editorials and anime reviews. He is always consistent and I admire Marth a lot for that. 

Rai’s Anime Blog – Female ani blogger Rai you’ll find loves her yuri and cute girls in anime. You can find on her blog analytical and personal pieces, always very detailed what she has to say.

Everything Japan – What you can find on Sakura’s blog is as the title saids. She writes about anime, places in japan, food, culture and personal pieces.

Lethargic RamblingsLeth you can call them, is a anime blog where you will find first impressions, seasonal anime, their amusing rants. A very well rounded anime blog that should be on your follow list.

The Lily GardenContent you can find on dear Remy’s site is anime/manga/visual novel reviews, seasonal anime and discussions.

FujunseiAll the otakuness you can find here ran by Arria, helpful blogging hints, amusing lists, editorials, it’s one amusing site add onto your follow list.

Magnitude Anime Reviews Mag’s random top lists you will enjoy along with anime, video game reviews, odd movie reviews. Cool Dude.

All Andrealinia Andrealinia covers all forms of entertainment anime, movies, video games, manga, books a well rounded variety blog to follow.

The Mind Of The Hybrid OneMark is a very chilled blogger content you can find on his blog are anime reviews, seasonal anime impressions, movie reviews and much more. You won’t be disappointed to follow him !!

Anime Prince Blog This talented blogger whom covers seasonal anime and anime reviews, does art on the side, very humorous Leon’s blog will entertain you to no end !!

Shoujo Thoughts It’s as the title saids, there is plenty of shoujo content for you girls to go read. Shoujo does anime reviews, personal pieces a lot and has a cool bi monthly podcast she does every month. Make sure to check her out !!

Anime Opinions Videogame p content you cam find on their blog anime reviews, editorials, lists and seasonal anime. Very insightful in their editorials piece worth adding to your follow list for sure.

Mel In Anime LandMel is a very fun blogger has a good spread out schedule on a weekly basis. This covers over manga, anime, blog features and anime crushes segment. Every female should following!!

Two Happy Cats –  Steph is happiest when blogging about her love for otome games, one of the first blogs that I discovered about otome. Anime, manga reviews, and personal content is what you will find also, a down under blogger from aussie. 

Archi – AnimeHazel is another consistent blogger with daily posts, you can find on her blog segments like Man Crush Mondays and Woman Crush Wednesday. Plus reviews and otome posts. There is a such fun vibe on her blog. 

Thoughts On The MoveCovering all forms of entertainment, anime, movies, music etc always has detailed analysis posts. If your interested in that sort of read recommend following them !! 

For Great Justice – A otaku blog with four writers covering seasonal anime, reviews, editorials. 

Humble AceAce has great variety in his content but great for following if you love reading editorials. But also he covers recommendations, reviews, rants. 

The Anime Ashtray  Jared loves his manga dearly and runs a great dedicated manga related blog, covering reviews, personal pieces. 

Bookie Punk Boogie covers on their blog video games, anime, manga, movies new to the blogging scene.


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