Podcast Update – Overdue

I keep using images from this anime I’ve still not seen! haha

Last update was last March. Oops haha 

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Binge For All Your Youth Worth!

Are you feeling that annoyance of seeing that S?

Bingeing or single sessions of episodes is turning into a stupid debate of what seems the “way” to watch anime. I mean like come on. 

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Mini Break

How life has been screaming down my ears holes

I’ll be having time off work as of Sunday for just over a week, just to recharge myself after dealing with a big life change. So there will be no post next week but after there will resume. I look forward to giving time to some AMV work and Nintendo Switch, whatever else I feel like. There will be a post tomorrow as usual. I will have a new podcast episode or two out this week if you want to keep a lookout for that! 

See you in a little bit! 

Aria The Animation – That Starlike Fairy Episode 9

Fellow blogger Ash approached me to write for his new episodic site sometimes so here is my first one!


Quick Intro

Better do the hello thing otherwise I’ll be another passing ship in the blogger night for some people. My name is Lita and I talk about too many things on the interwebs involving anime. You can check out my blog here and solo podcast I run monthly

I felt humbled Ash asking me to write for his new site, the vision here aligns with a new view I have for single episodes as opposed at heart I am a anime binger. Last month and a bit ago, I completed the first season of a beloved anime franchise that has spanned over a decade: Aria The Animation. Being described as the most “zen” anime there is, certainly possesses this quality but definitely much more with a life philosophical approach. Each episode comes with a life aspect, reminder of the everyday like you’re wrapped in a blanket, warm and…

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The Gundam That Came From Afar

my new computer wallpaper

Mecha March celebration over at Scott’s blog has been going for a little bit now and I at least wanted to get something out for the occasion, which is why I had been saving discussing this Gundam until now. 

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How Anime Has Changed To How I Once Knew Part 1

Getting on a personal deep level for this post on something that has been on my brain for so long, I think i’ll feel better once I see it out in some form other than stuck in my head. 

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