Anime I Never Made To The Finish Line

Apart of the watching process of is there are things we never make it to the finish line for whatever reason. This will be a fun post! 

There is no hiding your dropped list if you track you’re anime, yes you who is reading this. It’s with anything really dropping netball which you’ve played for years because the love is gone for it or your ready to move on. I have noticed through my anime watching within the last couple of years, we have gotten a bit fussy. I still like trying to different things but if it doesn’t take my interest in someway. I will just move on. Watching things were interested in either we like or we don’t, that’s apart of the discovery because I don’t believe we can always watch good things. If we didn’t watch things that are okay or just terrible, that observation doesn’t make us fair critiques towards other thing is my viewpoint. I do not care for people personally whining at me of why I didn’t like such show or HOW COULD YOU DROP THAT? Because that is my choice and you don’t the right to attack unless asking in a civil manner of why I didn’t like such and such show. Some people don’t have that patient nor think such things through. I realise I have never discussed what shows I dropped. 

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut

Vampire goes into space sounded interesting and I took amusement that the main characters name was of all things Irina fellow blogger friend of mine on here. Not sure what she thought of the shows but I got up until the third episode and the character Irina herself didn’t make me want to continue. I found her boring, a doll presence she seemed to possess. But also I find the cast of character uninspiring for this premise of story, should a grand occasion of a vampire going into space even though Irina herself wasn’t treated so but she was more like a caged animal. That dampened the mood. Sorry to my blogger friend Irina if she liked this or not, haha. 

Land of the Lustrous

3D animation for this was amazing and what it has achieved props to it but. . I thought I would like this but I didn’t. Honest truth is the person I was watching it with put a damper on my experience with it. We tried watching it from the beginning but I wasn’t interested, shame, shame. Beside that the plot I did find it hard to follow and confused me so that did not help either, I think this anime was a bit beyond me slightly. 

Cowboy Bepop

A ultra classic and gateway for many, after five attempts over the years to get into it, I couldn’t. This anime’s tone and flow was just too slow for my liking. The music and characters were great but as for the plot I don’t think it knew where it was going. Trying to focus on spike then another characters problems was a bit of a turn off for me. This is the kind of series that made it’s mark deep for some early on and I do feel like in this generation it might not hit the same marker for newer fans but for those that like a jazz adventure will find endearment here. This ultra classic didn’t make it to the classics department for me. 

Love Of Kill

Assassin’s love is what was displayed but I never thought this anime would be so triggering. Not on a personal level it was just in general. I’ve seen some stuffed up series over time and characters actions but it was into first episode and I was throwing my hands up in the air. WE ARE NOT DOING THIS!. The male assassin his obsessive behaviour was trigger for how utterly just creepy and worrisome. Hey I’ve taken on some wacky characters actions on board Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, the guy who kidnaps Asuna from Sword Art Online plenty to name but this time I was like no. Boxing the female assassin into a box feeling made me feel not good and we said nope this is not fun anymore haha. 

Adachi and Shimamura 

This yuri started out great for me, main girls connected well, animation looked splendid but it was the appearance of this astronaut girl Chikama that got old fast. Her presence felt pointless to me adding no humor value to the already existing humor that was there. As is stated I dropped the series, I got up to episode 7 but no way was I forcing myself to finish something that sadly no longer was I enjoying. I was annoyed that this occurred with this anime because I still think it is a good show. 

Wonder Egg Priority 

I wondered if I would like this and in the end my wonder turned to confusion sadly. Heavy, psychological series to follow, some things made sense then didn’t to me. This anime is clever at what it was doing but if you are looking at your phone for a few seconds you will miss something crucial. These kind of anime you have to be in the mood for.  I was watching this alongside someone and again they added to myself not enjoying this series that was a personal reasoning here. Wonder Egg Priority is a excellent show for the feedback it has received from a animation standpoint and central focus on the main four girls. But it was a too much for me to get my head around. 

Well sometimes before you assume why someone didn’t like a show it’s not always the case because I didn’t like it for the animation or something. Other factors come into mix and as you could see was watching alongside with someone did. I will never revisit these series pretty sure, like anyone else would not want to waste my time but till the next round I go through of why we did not vibe. 

Till next post! 


2 thoughts on “Anime I Never Made To The Finish Line

  1. Some of your series that you dropped, I totally agree, I dropped them too. Other series, I was really surprised you didn’t like them. Like Cowboy Bebop, I loved the series and thought it was pretty fast paced and fun. But you are right, it is a lot like Jazz. Not just in music but even in the way the story is formed. It’s very free flowing without much structure. For me this is fine, but for others it could be odd and confusing.

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  2. I loved Cowboy Bebop, but I also watched it back in 1998/99 when it was still very new. No idea how it would go down now though — I think I’d still like it, but it does have a slow pace.

    I have a lot of anime on my pending list. It’s rare that I truly drop a show, but I do have a few recent drops.

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