What Made You Love Life More?

I’m in a very sentimental place right now after watching Makoto Shinkai’s film just now as writing and of course we are here because a post idea was sparked haha, funny how life works. 

Before wondering and asking, Suzume was great all worth the wait for me and I’ll talk about in a podcast coming up this April month now but the rush of inspiration came flowing out of nowhere. Anime knows how to touch us in all sorts of personal individual ways, different for every fan and having this passion, hobby in my life has made me love life even more. I don’t think that is a strange thing to say, you’re always getting a new experience out of every new watch that touches us so, there seems to be a fit for every feeling imaginable when it comes to anime. In saying this I ask you who reads this post: 

What Anime Made You Love Life More?

Gargantia I’ve talked about no end of times and recently did a podcast episode on if you were interested. This series presentation on the theme of the ‘simple things’ is so warming to the core. The earnest life these people make on a ocean covered planet living on ship barges, unity surrounds the people of gargantia. It’s freerier lifestyle that portrays  the attitude mindset that small ends up more meaningful than the big things could or material. The setting of this anime captures a beautiful tone for how one must appreciate the small joys in life and it always comes to mind when these moments come up. 

Restaurant To Another World I got to finally watch in 2022 spoke to my food lover soul. I love food and loves to eat lots of it and every episode is a delicious treat. Creature comfort this series has already become, no other series I’ve watched surrounded on food displays the explicit joy having your favourite meal or snack brings you. Other worldly visitors that enter this cafe have no idea what is in store for them and this anticipated build up reminds me when I go by myself or with a friend to try out a new food place. Having a good relationship with your food is a important relationship in life to have and should be a bountiful experience. 

One of my favourite posts I’ve wrote was about Sound Euphonium.  A memorizing spectacle on theme of passion  and one who pouts their souls into it. This anime took me by surprise to like so much but Kyoto Animation we are talking here. Everytime I get ready to type a new post or do something anime related there is always a pause somewhere of how much time I pour into this. Pouring time into the things you desire, love and not always is it perfect. Lots of trip ups and fall downs  but we end up finding like in the failure of things we love doing. Rising, tension passion swells up again and again, that is what occurs in this musical drama till a level of satisfaction is reached. Myself knows to pour everything I want and have into anime and she cannot help herself. Sound Euphonium reminds me to never forget that feeling. 

Curiosity is a vital element, feeling for all things we wish to know more about. When it comes to anime in this instance about the shows themselves, first time of trying them out. I feel like the curiosity factor with this has diminished with newer fans but then along came cool shonen Dr Stone. That reignites that curious sense through the character Senku, his incredible curiosity and ticking mind for how things work and the power of science. Does make you stop and think the vitalness to be interested and curious about something. Instead of a instagram reel or a blog review to make up your mind for you. When I think about Senku reminds me to always be extra curious about what it is in the moment I want to know and to always be open minded. In turn has benefited my anime watching since I watched this anime. My own curiosity was always there but Senku’s direction affects you before you realise it. 

Nearly every series I’ve seen has made me like life more in some way in another so we would be here with over a 100,000 word essay but that won’t happen haha. Have fun answering the question, I’m sure it will get your brain ticking. 

See you in the next post!


2 thoughts on “What Made You Love Life More?

  1. Amazing post! When it comes to anime, I realize that life is precious and the people that are close to you and care have a strong understanding of love. I learned from anime like One Piece and Clannad, when you find people that will do anything to support you and stand by your side, you are never alone in this world.

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