Who Actually Created A Better World #1

An angle I’ve never seen anybody on social media cover in anime. 

Only occurred to me from finishing the Digimon Tri movies that in anime, series that center on plots where the focus to change the world for the better comes into play, it hit me. How many anime have actually benefited for the better with this grand plot put on display? To revolutionise the order of things and the anime ending on a satisfying note. Now I feel there are quite a few to break down scouring through my completed anime but I want to look from both angles of what ended satisfactory and didn’t. Honestly I’m seeing more that didn’t hahahaha. 

Aquarion Evol  

Aquarion Evol
I’ve spoken before on the blog one of my favourite romance mecha. Evol is a continuation from the original series where past lovers reincarnated are apart of the main plot and effect the current state of time Evol is set in. Anything tied to the past goes 50/50 for a plot and in Evol’s case does not burden entirely where the romance and main story lead too. The Reincarnation element is kept to reference only not taking you away from main duo Amata and Mikono. I hate it in this circumstance where individuality maybe be comprised but it’s not. Amata and Mikono relationship is harvested from a organic encounter of when the two meet. Ties from the past are mentioned and wavering doubts do linger affecting their affection for one another but not hindering for a satisfying result to this anime. I don’t call it a spoiler to say a series ends on a satisfactory note, you want to recommend and speak of positive for if you were seeking that yourself. 

One element to this series boys and girls pilots at the school have never been allowed to explore “love” be kept seperate. The craziness that occurs involving Mikono and Amata develops a better direction for this plot element to me in the end. Younger people feel freer as the referencing from previous series all the characters I felt were binded. The love gates pour out with a warming conclusion. 

Nagi No Asukara

 Not all plots say in a fantasy series will affect the world entirely but in a individual setting. Sometimes one event is all it takes to change our worlds entirely such occurred in Nagi No Asukara. One of my favourite anime of all time, most beautiful setting I would live in personally. We have a divide here between land and sea people a core component in this plot which upon first watching having no clue how central it was. Without going into great spoilers the way these people live is forever changed and change is central theme to this gorgeous series. To be honest didn’t think I would be including this anime down for this but after thinking about it, how things panned out worked out strangely. It’s clever focusing on the entanglements of main cast of middle schoolers, their level complexity of thoughts and feelings steer the series to a strange satisfying conclusion to it all.

My face when a series has actually concluded right ahaha. 

These two anime for this first part I felt things were better off and next part I’ll look at series where things were not and definitley plenty of those are floating about. Is this an angle you have thought about that you can name?

See you in the next post!
Lita xx

2 thoughts on “Who Actually Created A Better World #1

  1. Outside of lofty writing goals, time restraints, and things related to the industry, I think one of the reason series don’t tend to grapple with big, change the world type stories, at least not well, is because of thematic reasons. If a series is focusing on some world ending catastrophe, chances are that it is also going to tackle some existing inequalities and discrimination, which feels like a blind spot for a lot of manga writers given the kind of cultural hegemony that exists in Japan.

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  2. That’s a really interesting idea since there seem to be so many anime with the lofty idea of “and this character can change the world” or “and the balance of the world is in so-and-so’s hands”. Yet… I would say most of them don’t really change anything it’s about fighting to keep the world as is for better or worse. To point out anime that actually did have a world change (not just an isekai sense) is really interesting! Looking forward to the follow up post as well!

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