I Had A Slice Of Isekai

Mmm! Indeed it was

Let’s rack my brain for the last Isekai that I watched was probably Shield Hero S2 this year. No wait sorry that was Ascendance of A Bookworm.

I had this draft sitting here for couple months and you know never got around to completing it. Since after new year I have been seeking more Isekai after watching a particular title within two days and I’ve discovered the sort of Isekai I really like. Now any shoujo Isekai that pops up well hello bonus their but I discovered laid back plots of main characters indulging in something they never got too like this series. Our main protagonist was part of a adventurer group but then kicked out, he decided to open up a apothecary and is greeted with the encounter of past face
that reappears. 

00s Of Anime: Slice Of Legacy Anime One At A Time

Welcome to the 18th episode of Anime One At A Time! The show where I take a pause to appreciate and discuss series one at a time. No love focused for love month as I did that last month but time to take a seat back with Venice and water ooo giving hints here. My first completed anime of 2023 and was certainly right the choice here. This anime has a powerful ability to make you feel the calm and serene you maybe seeking from the stress of your mind and I implore you to expand outside your horizon and give a shot!  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/animeoneatatime/message
  1. 00s Of Anime: Slice Of Legacy
  2. Personal Fav: Shoujo/Romance Of All Time
  3. 00s Of Anime: Lone Rogue, His Mecha and Revenge
  4. Hidey Gem: Isekai Opens Up A Apothecary
  5. Personal Fav: Chivalry Of A Failed Knight

I did a podcast episode on this anime if you prefer to listen than read here to give you a different option. 

Adventurer Country Charm

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside, was unexpectedly charming and was absorbed quickly in main character Red’s desire to open up apothecary and create medicinal products. This aspect very much reminded me Snow White With The Red Hair in Red’s character a humble guy who wants the peaceful life like we all do and not to be doing a million things. To create such a life nobody saids a bit of effort won’t be required, Red soon finds your average humble village to nestle himself in for life. In aiding some of the villagers using his ‘blessing’ called the guide he gains the extra hands to start off his medicial dream. 

Though Red never had planned running into the path of past acquaintance Rit whom pleads to h help in his new life endeavor and even live with. One Part of the charm is reflected in this series was Red aiding the villagers in bountiful ways to either attract new customers, increase stocktake of a business and in general help. I liked these moments, when they come in from the background plot involving the Demon lord. Brings this back to a peaceful plain. While you’re attention is on two ongoing plot aspects, transition from both is good and doesn’t spoil the atmosphere this isekai projects. 

Unexpected Attachment 

Maybe I was just dumb in not seeing that Rit and Red were going to hit it off but what was the unexpected part of how loveable I found them and the pacing of things was nice also. Rit is the forward one here at first and Red’s attempts at dodging are pretty fun because it’s a case of “you are just being dumb right now”. I won’t lie here and say things don’t get hot between these two and I was just living for them as a couple by the end, what a unexpected surprise from this series. 

The other love attachment involved here is a sibling one Red’s sister and that is a case of she idolises her brother, would do anything scenario. Which how many times has this turned out but without my spoiling the handling of Red and his sister’s issues, bond towards him surprised me. Do I mean good or bad? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out haha!

I had a slice of a great isekai here that has lead me to watching currently Farming Life in Another World and Campfire cooking one. These types of Isekai apart from involving Shoujo are my jam, they are peaceful to me and I definitely wish to seek out more like them and of course watch other Isekai we have put off for a long while. 

So excited a season two is coming out this year for this series!! 

Let me know if you have seen this Isekai and find anything about it charming. See you in the next post!

Lita xx


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