Discovered Romance For Love Month


Love month is here and either people hate or embrace this tradition but we’re not here to discuss evil of valentines retail consumerism.

If you have been around my blog for long enough or are a new visitor then I’ll be pleased to tell you or you know: I’m a romance junkie. Even on the dreaded 14th February I’ve sat there at some point with my romance anime of choice, sipping on bubble tea and looking at my not real anime men. The one day of the year that is posed to make lonely soul feel even more lonely than they already do because they don’t have noone. Just consumerism bullshit here but doesn’t mean that I should not take advantage to talk about some romance I’ve discovered over the last little bit plus I haven’t done anything post related for this in so long. 

Some of these choices will be not new to you or maybe will but hoping one of these titles may entice you to watch a romance title that makes you feel good not lonely. 

The Saint’s Power Is Omnipotent 

What grand timing to mention this favourite of mine with a season two on the horizon for 2023. I am stoked for, this unexpected delight shoujo isekai truly surprised me upon first watching. Sei is summoned to another world with a european touch and dives into a dream lifestyle of studying potions, magic. There is nothing more that she could want for. I wouldn’t be mentioning this title if it was about Sei’s potion adventures there is a certain blonde knight who takes a liking to Sei right away. Their chemistry bounces around nicely and with dignified respect they regard for one another. While learning where Sei’s new lease on life with take here as a saint. I walked away from this very satisfied  but wishing for a season two where I hope Sei and Albert’s relationship will finally flourish. Nothing but content feeling you will gain from watching this delightful title in my eyes. 



Sasaki and Miyano

Love comes in all ways and I couldn’t not mention this popular by storm queer title. It had been so long seeing a boys love series appear in the seasonal scene and seeing Studio Deen back in the game. Finding the feels is how I would describe this boys love and at a gradual pace to find those compressed feelings we are treated too. There is no need to worry of love triangles here but many misunderstandings replace that common trait. Both male leads will swoon all fan types targeting key ones: the adorable I love Momochi from Fruits Basket and Hashimoto laid back cool from The Stranger By The Shore. Boys cute fluff had been long overdue until this title appeared of two innocent boys navigating through their meeting and innocent feelings. Making the heart easily skip a beat. 



Emma: A Victorian Romance

This is a rare romance to have adapted in a victorian, european setting focusing on the conflicting sides of the common and nobility class. It took me a stinking long time to have this title physically, one in my collection with special meaning. It’s has everything I ever wanted in a period piece but anime style and I wish there were more like it. Emma a maid and Will son of wealth have an impossible road to even having a said future together. In a time where the line is drawn deep between what is appropriate or seen as pure scandal. If any out of this list that will make you forget about Valentine’s day it would be this one for how absorbed you become in the story and how outstanding storytelling brings the unexpected. Full of quick wit and warming romance. 


I wrote a post however long ago this will be up your all if you like shorts. 15 minutes of pure weird,maniac cuteness from Yuri who has some pretty intense feelings for Momo. While Momo tries to do the best he can making Yuri feel happy. You’re probably going to call Yuri out right crazy with the constant policing she does over Momo, maybe not be your vibe but if you can look past that. It’s a pretty cute watch minus Yuri’s behavior she’s like a BTS fan will say in a way haha. 

Bibliophile Princess

Can you just give me swoon worthy goodness over here? I hear you asking well most recent of shoujo romance to come out would be this one. I watched this last seasonal season for pure indulgence if you need something to turn your brain off to all the valentines bullshit then this is it. Delighted that studio Madhouse had returned to animate a series like this the soft palette of colour in here is just gorgeous. Elli’s expression delicate whenever Christopher using is swavre factor or keeping to the rescue. Eli certainly has to learn that she can’t keep her nose stuffed in a book all day and must face the nobility reality, I liked this trait just reminds me how I can’t watch anime all day long. 

More Than A Married Couple, but not Lovers!

This was definitley a bit of fun kind of rom com with all the classic troupes. Part of this school’s curriculum they have to participate in a “Couples practical course”. You’re assigned a partner and you have to demonstrate having able skills to live with the opposite sex. Ah anything is but simple here Akari and Jirou who are paired have their own gains to rise to the top so they can swap partners with their own love interests. What may start out as fake slowly will begin to change and good news I believe we will get a season two of this so don’t worry. No time will be wasted if you choose to dive into this typical romantic comedy. This first part was fun with eye drawing animation and detailed factor especially on ecchi moments. I’m surprised how I quite enjoyed this myself. 


I hope you find something here to try out maybe and forget how absorbed rest of the world may end up being on this day blah. Next round of romance I’ll do in a post my hope they’ll be ones you’ve never even heard of haha. 

Happy V Day however you celebrate it friends, family, partner it all matters the same in the equation of love.  

See you in the next post!
Lita xx

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