Raven Consort Of Sorts

I felt so dumb thinking this was going to be a chinese anime where in fact was just based upon a chinese fictional setting. Look up your stuff before you assume the lesson is here. 

Last seasonal session there were many goodies to behold where I actually watched all my shows and completed them all for the first time in a too long while. Go me. One in particular that to my surprised received so little in attention: Raven Of The Inner Palace

Guiding Consort

A thirteen episode series (bet more is coming) delivering spirits and supernatural package like I’ve never experienced. I mean that honestly. Previous titles relating strongly to this series I like Inuyasha and Holic demonstrate a interconnecting fascination on its spiritual side of things I adore. This series has been related to Yona Of The Dawn for historical factor but I don’t personally see the connection other than nobility ties as an heir to a thrown. A plot about a consort being kept in the palace should suggest the obvious, but Liu Shouxue performs no such duties. Instead saves the lost spirits and souls using her strange powers to guide them back to “paradise” or help them crossover. 

My fascination long seeped into me before I knew it after episode one. Just the fact really a historical series involving a consort is not like how I’ve seen when watching asian dramas, was my first draw in. Liu leading such a lonely solitude was the ultimate hook, for she never left the inner palace her entire life and the fate of the Raven consort is a sad one. Liu is a fantastic lovable female lead, can see why she was compared to Yona, very strong willed but also super softy underneath that bullheaded nature. The moments Liu would light up when the emperor would bring her something yummy brought out a much needed side of her, to know despite her solitude having a connection was something she still longed for. Pushing others away always means you wish to get closer to them and Liu just couldn’t allow herself that allowance at first but eventually she gained some confidence I feel from dealing with all these new connections. 

Episodic Tales 

Raven of the Inner Palace - Episode 1 - Anime Feminist

I loved the episodic supernatural situations brought newfound intrigue each explored different social standings among the noble hierarchy, exposing the unforgivingness of certain acts, sad outcomes it lead to corrupt or innocent victims. Through a artistic expression telling the story’s events made quite the impact I found and speaking tone of telling each was enticing also. This segment of the anime reminded me of Ukaoi based off of the 100 poems, telling the stories from those poems. Beautiful series if you are a fan of Chihayafuru or Japanese history. Nobility non- allowances of such things is painted as disgraceful and sad, definitley made me wish I was not part of such a environment. All spirits who Liu tried to help find refuge some didn’t, it’s tragic but beautiful at the same time, this anime has some gorgeous storytelling for the spirits. 

Encompassing alongside was the lush animation added a serene, tranquil tone throughout the series. Making for those interactions between Liu and the spirits quite intimate, especially the scenes of using her mysterious powers bringing out a pink bloom. Opening out and casting a mystical churn of unknown. The animation I felt was at it’s prettiest during these moments. 

Raven Of The Inner Consort really is a divine series especially as a supernatural/historical. So many elements meld together so well that I couldn’t really fault much expect maybe an ending reveal which was a tad confusing and rushed for me a bit. Such a minor nitpick I am making here. I feel like I struggle to describe such good shows like this more than ever and definitley are not alone on this front. It’s a show you just need to watch and let do the talking instead of my awkward thoughts placed up here. This anime was the underdog of Fall season and knew I wanted to bring some attention too. 

Beautiful storytelling, fun main cast and pretty animation, supernatural and historical themes strong throughout and strong voice acting too. I honestly don’t see how anyone won’t like this series more good qualities than a singular nitpick I had. 

The Story of Saiunkoku and Utakoi if you are looking for a next fix!

See you in the next post!


6 thoughts on “Raven Consort Of Sorts

  1. Yes it was a really fun series! It was so different from most of the anime that came out in fall. The setting really did give the supernatural stories a unique twist. I think one of my favorite parts was whenever a backstory was shown or whenever someone was recounting a memory it would be animated as if it was a paper puppet show.

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  2. I really loved this anime and am Jonesing for the next season! I don’t think she realizes the full extent of her power. I suspect she’s going to need to bring it in the next season.

    My hope is that she sheds her burden and is able to explore the greater world.

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