Toradora Wasn’t My Favourite Romcom

This is what people will want to do to me when I’ve spoken my words. haha

So Yo, Toradora is not a favourite romantic comedy of mine. 

This post idea had been sitting on my phone for quite some time. Where on the spot inspiration of ideas go because 90% time happens while I’m at work or out and about. Toradora has been a staple romantic comedy mentioned at every turn of a post, video, twitter wherever as a recommendation and favourite over the years. I didn’t get to checking out this title until two years ago ( I think it was), found it for $10 at a local movie place i’ll buy anime from time to time. The verdict for me than compared to others was not a favourite for me in the end, even though excitedly hoping it would be as I love rom coms. 

There honestly was only one reason I didn’t like the show in the end because it actually has some good qualities to it and people can overlook of what issue I have with this show, that is totally fine. That’s why we gravitate towards other things because then we couldn’t really call ourselves different without that element in our life. So let me go over the good I liked about Toradora then the reason we just didn’t gel with it in the end. 

Insecurities Colliding 

If you have never seen Toradora, you are started out with the scenario high schoolers Ryuji and Taiga come together with mutual benefit of getting to know each other’s crushes as they happen to be their own best friends, by coordinating scenarios to get to know them better. In the process they begin to have feelings for one another and it is a dramatic, fun filled process to reach this point for the both of them. Ryuji and Taiga have both baggage that unpacks itself through the course of things especially on Taiga’s end, this brings both of them closer together in how they share in an outcast shunned negative from the others around them. Ryuji and Taiga bounced off one another so well, Ryuji is laid back, shy type and Taiga is fiesty, fiery, but caring (tsundere). They seemed to share in a similar nature somewhere between their opposite personalities making for a fun duo to follow in this romantic comedy. 

Chemistry and Comedy

Toradora does possess some great characters, absolutely hysterical stuff happens with the main cast but majority of that is teenagers expressing their enraging emotions. There is a lot of ” I don’t know what to do with this emotion, let’s do something maddening to quash that” half the time in the show, crazy. Ryuji obsession with mold when he is cleaning is hysterical every time I have even looked  up the scenes, just so funny. Let’s just say I understand the dudes frustration. Minori who is Ryuji crush and Taiga’s best friend is one hell of a unique individual, definitley she is not what you expect in her actions and how she handles situations. When Taiga, Ryuji, Minori and Yusaku come together it’s a party you don’t want to leave. 

Teenage Crap 

I did love the in-depth scope that everything is millions harder as a teenager than I reckon as a adult. Especially for Taiga not knowing what to do with that obvious rage and refusal to look weak in front of anyone. Playing the facade game which never works out. A lot of the characters play facades to hide the real turmoil emotions they all seem to struggle getting out and when it does, as expected turns messy and full of misunderstanding. That’s what it mean for teenagers and I liked this angle Toradora was going for. I appericated it. 

Now onto the reason why I didn’t like it in the end was: Taiga.

This series made me laugh a ton and was entertaining at points but Taiga’s personality I found conflicting. Taiga deals with some rejection issues which in turns she acts out in rage towards even the smallest question. At first I sympathized with but it got old for me about half way through. What really bugged me was how Taiga treated Ryuji. We always talk about how it is never okay to abuse woman, I’m 100% behind that but we never talk about how even us women can be. I hated how Taiga belittled Ryuji and hit him half the time, at the beginning of the show I took it as a bit of tease and funny but the trend continues all the way through. Taiga’s baggage issues was a constant fuel for getting mad whenever she felt like it and Ryuji got the brunt of it all. 

Regardless of the fact of what Taiga has gone through, when she becomes unruly and untamed, she turns into a bratty bitch we are not sorry to say. A lot of these characters are crap at making any kind of decision but Taiga is the worst for it, she never stops to decide is what she is doing is right? Why would she being the way she has from the beginning. Ryuji is Taiga’s punching bag and so how should this detail of Taiga’s character become overlooked. 

I do wonder how I made it through to the end of this series but still the anime had some good qualities which I gladly highlighted. Well at the end of the day this was my issue with this rom com and if you would like to give your piece on Toradora. Please do down below! 

See you in the next post!


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