My Anime Diary #1

Welcome to a unoriginal idea of what I am watching, consuming etc, haha. 

Every night I am always doing different with my free adult time recently either watching anime, reading volumes I’ve picked up from the library or playing new friend: the switch. It was sometime this week while doing all these things in one night that I should do a anime diary for  my blog. I’m not saying this will be consistent but it would be cool if this could almost turn into a daily thing even of all the things that are exciting me, my ongoing thoughts. I could easily create a thread on twitter but that is just boring to me. Another reason is I can’t wait to finishing a series and then talking about, I’ve found overtime talking about things while your in the middle of it, like seasonal anime is more beneficial. To also attract attention more to other series that get thrown to the waste side.  

So Welcome to an unoriginal idea that will come out weekly hopefully, here is a record from past couple of days I managed to get to.

Witch Hat Atelier Volume 5

Witch Hat Atelier 5 by Kamome Shirahama - 9781632369291 - Dymocks

I was late to the party on this extremely popular witchy series. There is nothing I could fault about this series so far and starting to feel doubtful that I will not like nothing about it. The art is just too good, level of detail is as astonishing. The story sorry to sound cliche here but spellbinding following young girl Coco who casts a spell turning her mother to stone and taken in by a witch named Quifery. This manga is as every bit magical as you can get, the elements of worldbuilding and history are very engaging  making hard sometimes in what side of things I like more, learning about the spells or characters. This volume was heavy with plot thickening trials for Quifery and his young witch apprentices. Best volume so far to have me on my toes. The atmosphere is only growing more with each volume and extremely enjoying. 

Kamisama Kiss Vols 16 and 17

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 17 (Volume 17) : Suzuki, Julietta: Books

Kamisama Kiss was a manga I was meant to finish a long time ago and right now I am in the midst of finally finishing this fantastic shoujo title. I watched anime a long time ago then got into the manga after. I read these other day and I didn’t think the tension between Tomoe and Nanami would become very divided and tested. One thing Nanami has ever wanted from Tomoe is for him to like Nanami back but the love between supernatural being and human to him should never happen. This part of their relationship was truly tested in the latest volumes I read. 17 was the best and was some great backstory about Tomoe to learn about. Now as I make my way to the end of this saga, that this series deserves a full adaptation. 

Aria The Animation 

I have started my very first anime of the year from the ‘A’ section of my plan to watch list. Thinking it would be fun each new title I pick to go in alphabetical order and see how that goes for a while towards my completing 100 anime this year. Honestly though I am watching other anime at the same time but primarily this will count towards the 52Anime52 weekly anime challenge set by blogger Tessa from All About Anime where you have to complete an anime weekly. This is more than doable definitley join in! I have only completed up to episode four but this truly embodies the meaning of a slice of life anime. I am feeling so serene and complete from watching girls train to be gondola tour guide known as Undine’s in a futuristic venice. Cannot wait to talk about this series either in a post or podcast. 

That is all I have for this diary entry as I am currently tired and will be off to watch more Aria now to make me feel even more tired. Please join in Tessa’s challenge if you want a fun, simple challenge for yourself this year. I see it better than trying to complete a manga in a week, my god.

Until next entry!


7 thoughts on “My Anime Diary #1

  1. Yes, Kamisama Kiss really does need a full adaptation! I watched the anime, and it’s pretty good. But the manga is so much better! Particularly the ending, the anime kind of flubbed that, yet the manga ending was really good!

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  2. I’m not entirely familiar with the titles you’ve mentioned (I’m seen all of them around the internet though), so it was really nice to read your thoughts about them regardless. 🙂

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