The Edge For A Dream

Upgrade ma shit

Glowing cities like New York and Tokyo I think lie about achieving big dreams.

Starting a new year on something new for a change. You know I usually wait for the new stuff to pass me by. But when your partner is begging for you to watch this amazing shit so was said. I went in blindly with Edge runners and coming out the other side binged within 2 days, now that should say something because this was one crazy punk ride. 

Oh What Dream 

Cyberpunk Edge Runners was a lot more raunchy and gorier than I thought coming, apparently even more than the actual game itself. That sounds hard to believe but I haven’t played the game only my partners has he got the referencing to things more than I did. This series really reminded me of Ergo Proxy another crazy wild ride you should try sometime, expect the fact with have a bustling city here, bright lights, honking noise, billboards that blind you in the eye. The pretty picture that is used as smoke and mirrors but what lies beneath a corrupt metropolis and it’s twisted system on you have to make ends meet for your dream. Only the privileged rise and main protagonist David can only look from the nothing bottom. 

I sounded super descriptive just then, promise wasn’t trying to be a try hardy but the atmosphere and vibe this anime really spoke for itself. A world, city where your constant looking over your shoulder if anything will get ahead of you and your dream, David didn’t have a dream until he became a Edger runner mercenary for hire. What David was introduced to among Maine and his gang was a dream of heightened expectation and desperate. It only takes a tiny seed to set off phase you don’t know that is coming becoming apart of Maine’s gang was that seed. Sometimes we take on dream from others out of good faith, to not disappoint or to just cling onto. In David’s cake I found was just to cling too because where else would you do in a cyber city that never lets you dream but keep you trapped. 

David had a life line when Lucy took David under her wing and paused David from losing himself entirely, all the cyber upgrades he bulked out on were nearly the cause of that. Literally was crazy the quicken stages David erupted too for taking on someone else’s dream. Nothing but destroys you. I loved the concept of “dreams” from Edgerunners in a heartbreaking fashion. 

Trigger Aesthetic 

Without a doubt this is my favourite work by Studio Trigger in terms of animation. The studio certainly I’ve found to have out there, wordly style from the rest seems only fitting to call them zany. My partner has a massive thing for city nightscapes and Trigger hit the spot for that in the anime, melding intertwining lights at every corner blasting in your eyes. Sidewalks in the night looking brighter, bellowing ash smoke creates a stillness of nothing ever changes. Whole city aesthetic reminded me of No Guns Life layout and vibe, fake utopia that fails to delivers of what you imagine it to be. Trigger caught wind of this theme so fast from the first episode, I was easily whiskey away. Vibe, essence atmosphere are such vital components for me in science fiction settings if that’s not there then I know I won’t enjoy it. 

Cyberpunk Edgerunners was a crazy good time, ten episodes is more than doable in a night. This may sound cliche to say but the series has some serious edge to you that I never anticipated nor expected. Thanks to this anime I have been in a bingeing phase lately which hasn’t happened much over the last two months. A purpose was served here but definitley check out Ergo Proxy, No Guns Life, Ghost In A Shell, Vivy Fluorite Eye Song if you will be looking for the next Cyber High what I personally recommend. 


Till next post!

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