“Productivity Trend” You Are Dead Wrong

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Sometimes on this blog we like to talk about things that are still relevant to the anime talk and running things such as a blog which one problem I feel just continues to play on people constantly. The thing is around us 24/7.

Look another post on blog related topics because let’s be real: It’s impossible to just talk about the ‘thing’ your blog or whatever is about sometimes.

Let’s start by saying the hobbies you enjoy, like to do don’t own you. Own you and you’re free time. Hmm” Own you and you’re free time” is the catchphrase that the role of the hot topic “productivity” plays in the creating sense of things. To do more, to be more for our content is the constant message spreading around for hobby related activities as blogging, podcast and everyday push that we must be doing something all the time. I wrote more on this topic in an old post here in specific detail.

I can barely scroll through facebook, instagram anymore for more than five minutes without those videos playing automatically in your face. Short reels of a food related recipe and the latest venture of youtube jumping on more on the productivity line for creators with youtube shorts. All this short bursts of creativity make people feel a fraction of accomplishment for about two seconds then go back to feeling like a sack of nothing because they need to be thinking about the next idea. The 24/7 game of productivity trend is eradicating the joy of creating itself because we idiotic humans are stupid and will not let our precious brains have a rest. From a recent podcast I listen to by a couple guys called The Minimalists, they had psychologist Dr Susan David. I learned an interesting fact here that as humans we are suppose to be only able to hold to a single emotion for 90s seconds then let it go. But by holding on emotional clutter begins so why do you think our overworked brains never take a break and mental health spirals downwards. 

How the hell are you supposed to gain emotional clarity among the productivity trends for yourself when this crap in happening inside? 


We Maintain

Broadening your horizons is something we should do if we wish to pursue a new hobby or within a current one. Like any blogger here that is what I was applying for myself in the early days. But social media says we need to be flourishing, growing, on a constant basis so our content doesn’t become sour next week. The trail of barely begun new endeavours stocks up over the years and I’ve found at the end you are left with more dissatisfaction you could ever bare than when things were not going how you wanted in the first place. 

I question all the time how have I kept this blogging going where I had no idea if I would quit 6 months or year. We’re still here and comes, it will come with time the practice of maintaining. I’ve learned you can’t just rely on passion alone for your creative outlets, practicing a will to maintain mindset is what truly I believe we need at the end of the day. The gains of maintaining outweigh holey every new creative outlet you wish to pursue. 

I don’t know when it was the maintaining mindset hit me definitley this year it hit me big time. This blog is still incredibly important to me but I knew how much life had gotten crazy, which is why I implemented one post per week at a minimum. Some weeks I’ve not hit the mark but the point was that maintaining momentum was unconsciously taking over more than repetition itself. Blog, podcast and recently returned to the youtube scene doing face on videos and other content there all seems like the impossible to maintain. I get a rush from maintaining these constant happy creative companions all to talk about the thing I love which is anime. 

I’m not the majority out there who craves a new change at a new turn, needing sustenance, I am a creative of maintain and this should be a new trend going crazy out there. Especially out there on the social media world #creatorofmaintain should be a thing I think, don’t you agree. So productivity trends, you draining shits, You are the wrongest of wrong towards the will of creating. Maintenance and maintaining trend will take over your ass and lead people down a better road of fulfillment and creative clarity. 

I had some steam to blow off here on this particular topic and my first time saying a very bad world shhh… hehe. But the way of creating is going for people is worse to me than it’s ever been and I just wanted to say my piece.! 

See you in the next post! 

Lita Kino


2 thoughts on ““Productivity Trend” You Are Dead Wrong

  1. “I’ve learned you can’t just rely on passion alone for your creative outlets, practicing a will to maintain mindset is what truly I believe we need at the end of the day.”

    Of all the lessons I have ever learned — and there are a lot of them, some even accurate — this is one of the most helpful and profound.

    Put another way, once you learn this lesson, the world needs to look out. Because now you can fully unleash your creativity.


  2. My entire life has been a struggle against that “Own you and your free time mindset.” I worked so that I might have free time. Time to just sit there and zone out. Time to think thoughts that have nothing to do with economic productivity. Time to do things that benefit nothing in the world except my own mental health. (Or physical pleasure!) Never mind the demands of keeping a home and raising a family.

    I’m not for sale, but for a couple decades, I did have to rent myself out for part of the day to keep my free time more enjoyable. I got the job done, but I didn’t put in that extra they wanted to see in people who climb the corporate ladder. I have walked away from jobs that were too soul-sucking.

    Time is the most precious asset in the entire world. You will never have more than you do right now.

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