Top 5 Christmas Episodes

Cozy time of year has come and great time to sit down, look back on some favourite Christmas episodes.

Why are youtube live streams of Christmas music or Lofi girl tunes, hone in my concentration than compared to my chill mode playlist. Dunno. Many happy greetings to parts of the world freezing over and other side where it is currently 93F, Summer has finally come. My favourite time of year has come at last but we will ignore the part where I turn a year older later in the month. The posts might slow down after third week December but I’ll give another mention. 

Anime episodes about Christmas have wonderful festive spirit that engages with our nostalgia so easily, bringing the feel of old home for us to once upon a Christmas we cherish a lot. This made me go think wait I have never discussed some of my favourite Christmas episodes, that have stuck out to me over the years. Sit back and enjoy reading some short nostalgia you didn’t ask for haha. 

5. Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 22 

The ideal tear jerker Christmas episode is for you right here that gets me every freaking time. No-one but who reads this post will find out that my next planned episode is on this favourite of mine and how I will indeed highlight this beautiful episode. Sawako a character who goes through many firsts, first friends, first hangout but her first Christmas not at home with mum and dad is truly special thing to watch in this episode for her. The tender scene in the snow with wonder boy Kazehaya I always have to mentally prepare myself for. The joyest of gift giving sentiment is represented more than any other scene for me when it comes to christmas scenes in anime. If you would like to experience this tear jerker episode head to netflix because my series finally accessible for first time in Australia!!! 


4. Karin Chibi Vampire Episode 19

This is probably for me cutest vampire series I’ve seen yet and a what was even cuter standout was Christmas focused episode on Usui and Karin. Both at this point in the series dying to confess and what gift to get on another. The best part is when they end up selling Christmas cakes together as exampled above both dressed up, Karin’s reaction to Usui’s outfit is adorable, just like this pair is. Bit of classic confessional trying here. 

Laid Back Camp Episode 11 

This is definitley an episode you can come back too year after year, Finally last year I watched the popular show of girls going camping. You don’t expect your heart to be stolen but it will. I was hoping at the time of watching, there would be a Christmas camp and I got my anime wish then. Want to feel your around a fire even though it’s 95F outside, this was next best thing haha, minus the addition of a drunk teacher swigging away a few, the girls took on the Christmas spirit in fine fashion. It’s probably the worst kind of episode to watch because the feeling of homely is ingrained into every section of this episode. That you want to be where they are. 


Ghost Hunt Episodes 12 and 13

Ghost Hunt will come as a interesting choice here and not exactly all happy here. The Shibuya Psychic research investigate on request from one of their own a orphanage where one of the children is acting very strange and has been possessed by another child ghost. The circumstances for this case are sad but really struck a chord with me how some are don’t have happy Christmas and can be a distressing time. Each Christmas that goes by you never know might be your last with those you care about, that is what I always have running through my head this time of year.


Fruits Basket 2001 Episode 9

Whether you love 2001 or 2019 adaptation of Fruits Basket both episodes consisting of Shigure, Kyo and Yuki having to head to family estate for new years and Tohru spends her first new years alone almost hit the same emotional marker. There really isn’t a Christmas focus in Fruits Basket but new years is close enough has to include as 2001 episode is my favourite even though 2019 one was fantastic still. It’s a scene I recollect time and time again, Tohru sitting there staring at her mum’s picture then Kyo and Yuki flying the door open. Breathing heavily from the running they just did in order to get back to a lonely Tohru because they didn’t realise at first no-one should be alone at Christmas or New Years. It’s a timeless scene for me. 


Well these are the ones we can think off the top of my head not in any particular order but scenes I like to think of as the days roll on for the big day. Do you have any scenes in particular in anime that make you think of Christmas or episodes? Post your answer down below! 

Now time for me to do my one Christmas thing for today and watch a Christmas movie. Since December 1st I’ve been trying to do anything related to Christmas but will see how far this goes, even if it’s something small. 

Ho Ho! see you in the next post!


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