What’s Mine Is Mine MY WORDS!

Take what’s yours. Huh I don’t think so

Prepare for a no hold bars post about a blog situation that I will tell you is not OKAY. 

Huh really.

The worse offence you could possibly do towards writers, bloggers, creators plagiarizing their words, making a buck off sweat and tears. Permanent defamation, copyright towards their work. In the past couple of days a site known as matrixat.net reposted a couple of posts you see above that I wrote only last week.


This has happened past tense over the years, only a few times but I honestly never did anything about them because most of those sites disappeared whenever I revisited to see if my stolen words were still there. So why was this time so different? Because it was fellow bloggers I follow, like Irina and Otaku Orbit  have been a victim of this websites copyright infringement alongside myself. Every few minutes STOLEN content is uploaded. This website certainly knew how ignite a might thunder of fury within me so: 

No little leech here was going to win, I sent a “friendly” email to take my content thinking they wouldn’t and they did. Battles like this seem so futile because it happens across the internet every minute but their is a point, always is to defend what is yours. Because if you don’t who the hell will. Matrixat email response gave me a clear picture of what their intentions are and what country they reside in. I will still be going ahead with my threat of reporting their website because they think they’ll win all the time, that their on a the highest pedestal that we can’t touch their ass. You little leech here repostings at your free leisure are nothing but internet scum who I would love to send a lightning bolt up your shiny ass, it explodes and you have the most deformed butt noone will want to look or touch. You clearly don’t comprehend messing with the wrong people and you picked one of those people here. 

I implore anyone else who has been targeted by this website to report or send an email to get them to take down your posts. Sometimes no-one wins in the game of defamation and stolen content but you’ll regret not trying to do something even more. I will take the small win here and look at making updates to my blog security. 

Ahh I know this post was not how I usually am but a blog is more than for your own pleasure but your communication board for others. I tweeted about this scenario on twitter and the responses from blogging community did not surprise full of support and love. Reminded me why I love once again being apart of this space. 


Fuck off you reposting leechers haha kaname gif is a must here

Kay rant is over haha see you in the next post! 

8 thoughts on “What’s Mine Is Mine MY WORDS!

  1. Kudos for sending an email to begin with.

    My last few posts were also posted there, I think it might be an AI that just looks for certain keywords and then takes the entire post, that’s what a few other websites that took my posts seemed to be.

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  2. Yeah, something like this happened to me last year, I even wrote a post about it, but what I learned from some research is that there isn’t a whole lot you can do to prevent it. You can ask the ner-do-wells to stop and that’s about it. Kind of a bummer!

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  3. Oh, wow, how horrible. Unfortunately way too many of this, where people/bots just copy content and either bury the fact it’s from somewhere else or just outright claim it as their own. Glad your posts at least were removed, and hopefully no more of yours (or anyone else’s) appear on there.

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  4. Might want to stick a disclaimer inside the body of the post identifying you as the author. Irina has been doing that lately.

    To my knowledge I have never been “stolen.” A couple of times other sites (non-WordPress) have used my nudie posts but they linked back and gave me credit for authorship. If I were monetizing my site I might object but I’m not and so I don’t. I figure it is free publicity. I’m completely cool with WordPress shares.

    If they didn’t give me credit or link back to the original I’d be angry too. Or maybe I should feel bad that my posts aren’t interesting enough to steal.

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